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Sample Letters of Intent

A Letter of Intent is a formal document used in businesses at the time of contracts and deals. It is also known by the name of a Cover Letter. The letter is used to give information about the contract, i.e. who the dealers are involved in the contract, the price of the deal, mergers, and their impact, etc. Try to use very professional language and do not add unnecessary details in the Letter of Intent. Below are certain guidelines that will help you in preparing an effective letter for your business. Since a letter of intent is a letter sent before the purchase order,

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Sample Appointment Letters

Here are several useful but free Sample Appointment Letters to assist you in writing your appointment letter for a similar situation. Our sample letters include the following topics, Agent Appointment Letter The Letter that is sent by the human resource department to the selected applicant for the position of an Agent is called the Agent Appointment Letter. Insurance Companies are among the Organizations that hire outside Agents for selling insurance policies, products, or several different kinds of services. These agents are hired temporarily and because they are specifically hired as outside or external agents, they don’t get to enjoy as

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Sample Letters to Landlord

Study these Free Sample Letters to Landlords regarding different situations. If you are in a situation like this then these sample letters can assist you a lot. Letter to Landlord being Unhappy about recent Rent Raise One has heard of the famous saying that home is where the heart is and many individuals choose their homes according to their requirements and needs, this is why whenever one wants to have a place to call home, there are two options: Either one can buy his or her property or one could always rent a property and make it his or her

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Flat Stanley Letters

Download these Free Flat Stanley Letters to study existing Sample Letters and prepare your own Flat Stanley Letter quickly. There are many projects that you can adopt or implement for your kid to learn about stuff and one of them is the Flat Stanley project. This project was developed by a Canadian school teacher and it’s based on a popular kid’s book from 1964. The book tells the story of a boy who was crushed by a billboard and flattened. Then his parents picked him up, rolled him, and sent him to their relatives in another city by post. The

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Sample Permission Letters

Study these Free Sample Permission Letters to understand the language and wording used in different types of Permission Letters. Child Travel Permission Letter When an underage kid or a child is traveling with a person who is not either of his or her parents, the State, and the Immigration Department may need the consent of the actual parents of the child for the traveling to make sure that they have allowed the child to travel with another person. Care Taker who wants to take an underage kid on a journey may need to ask permission from the real parents of

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Sample Letters regarding Credit Card

Study these Free Sample Letters to Banks regarding Credit Card services. If you need to apply for a new credit card or need to inquire about credit information etc. you need to write a letter to your bank. Application Letter for Credit Card We live in the era which is known as the era of convenience. Various facilities are provided to people to increase their convenience and make life easier. Of them, one is offered by a bank to its clients by the name of a credit card. A credit card is a method of payment by a card that

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Sample Letters to Tenant

Study these Free Sample Letters to the Tenant to assist you in writing your letter to your Tenant in your situation. These letters are written for the general public so nothing specific is included. Please feel free to modify them as per your requirements and situation. Letter to Tenant for Cleaning & Repair Charges Everybody needs a home to live in and everybody wishes that they have a place called home. And to get that place called home, an individual has two options to choose from: that individual can always just buy his or her property, or he or she

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Sample Bank Letters

Study these Free Sample Bank Letters to help you in preparing your letters to banks for day-to-day routine tasks. Sometimes you have to complain about a service or a product malfunctioning or suggest something to change in his/her profile. Letter to Bank for Change of Address Anyone at any stage in time can face a situation in which he will have to change his residence. It is very important to inform all the concerned departments about your new residence so that they can contact you easily whenever they want. Letting people know about your new address ensures that you will

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Sample Request Letters

Study these free Sample Request Letters to assist you to write your Request Letter for your situation. Request Letter for Bank Loan Information Whenever a person needs to invest or buy an entity that is of a huge price, he or she needs a loan. This loan is usually asked from his or her bank since they can provide it more quickly and it is safer to trust a bank rather than other sources of loan. Banks provide loans to their esteemed clients of various types so their esteemed clients can fulfill their needs. Of course, there are some terms

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Sample Confirmation Letters

Check out these free Confirmation Letters to help you write your Appointment Letters professionally. These sample letters gave you insights as to how to write such a professional letter accurately. Audit Confirmation Letter The audit is a process where a third party is hired to inspect a company or organization’s functions, operations, productivity, accounts, and financial statements. Audit Confirmation Letter is a formal notification that is sent to all the involved parties in the process. With this Letter, the client can prepare their management for the audit whereas, on the other hand, it gives specific details about the audit to

Sample Complaint Letter

Sample Complaint Letters

Study these free Sample Complaint Letters before writing a perfect complaint letter to raise your voice. The use of appropriate words while writing complaints is the key to attracting the attention of corresponding seniors and decision-makers. Complaint Letter to Bank Manager for Out-of-Service ATM Machine Almost all the banks have provided the facility withdrawing of money through ATMs. This facility has provided great comfort to the people as they can save a lot of time which they used to waste by standing in the queue in the banks to get the money. Now people simply go to the ATM dispenser,

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Authorization Letter Samples

Download these Free Authorization Letter Samples to learn and then write your letter efficiently. As the name suggests, an Authorization Letter is a formal letter of confirmation of authority. This authority can be given to an employee for higher designation, rank, or position, to make legal decisions, or to assign powers and duties. The Authorization Letter can be used in corporate environments, the insurance sector, banks, or for personal work. Thus, when you assign responsibility to any person, it is very important to carefully draft the Authorization Letter. Hence, below are certain guidelines on how to prepare this letter. The