Sample Appointment Letters

Here are several useful but free Sample Appointment Letters to assist you in writing your own appointment letter for a similar situation. Our sample letters includes following topics,

Agent Appointment Letter

The Letter that is sent by the human resource department to the selected applicant for the position of an Agent is called the Agent Appointment Letter.  Insurance Companies are among the Organizations that hire outside Agents for selling insurance policies, products or several different kinds of services. These agents are hired on Temporary Basis and because they are specifically hired as outside or external agents, they don’t get to enjoy as much facilities as regular employees in the company. After going through the Recruitment Process, when the HR department chooses specific Agent or Agents to hire in the company, the Official Appointment Letter is sent to them.

What to include in the Agent Appointment Letter?

The most important thing to include in the Agent Appointment Letter is obviously the Precise Statement from the HR department that the company has decided to appoint the candidate as an agent. Most of the companies hire Agents as Salesman for insurance policies, specifically inform the agents about their Salaries i.e. regular or commission based. Commission on each sale is also discussed in the Appointment Letter along with target bonuses and additional incentives offered by the company.

The terms and conditions or Recruitment Polices of the company are also discussed in the Appointment Letters. In case of insurance agents, the company will discuss how the Agents are required to present the company to the customers and clients and how they can get people’s attention. The way of presentation and antiquates of meetings with customers are also discussed in the company policies section. At the end, it’s stated that if the candidate agrees with the Terms and Conditions and wants to accept the position, he is required to report the HOD in a specific period of time i.e. 1 week after receiving the Appointment Letter.

Sample Agent Appointment Letter


Jonathan Walsh
Manager HR,
Western Insurance Company.


Julia Stallman
23rd West Avenue,
New York, NY 230482.

Date: 16 September, 2018

Subject: Appointment Letter

Dear Ms. Julia,

In reference to your job application and interview with the HR department last week, I am writing this letter to inform you that we have decided to hire you as Insurance Agent at our company. Please consider this notification as the Formal Appointment Letter.

In order to move forward and process your documents in the HR department, we need you to reply within 1 week of receiving this Letter. This is important just to make sure that you still want to join our insurance firm and you haven’t changed your mind about this Position.

If you accept the position and we hope you do, you will need to sign a written Agreement with the company. The Terms and Conditions of the agreement were given to you during your interview but if there is anything that you want to discuss, please contact Mr. Wilmore in the HR department.

Also Note that you are hired on Probation for the first 3 months and at the end of 90 days, HR department will decide if you are hired as permanent Agent or not based on your performance and dedication to this job. During the probation period, you will only get the basic salary without any incentives or bonuses on the sale of insurance policies. You will also not have any kind of medical or health insurance before probation period ends. For your convenience, I am also sending the documents showing company policies and terms and conditions for new agents.


Jonathan Walsh



Army Officer Appointment Letter

Recruitment in army is a very long and time consuming process. Usually it starts with the receiving of applications from candidates and ends with sending Appointment Letters to the chosen candidates but there are several other stages in between these two ends. Army Candidates have to go through intelligence tests, physical tests, medical tests and interviews in order to get selected in the army as a Commissioned Officer. On the other hand, army also appoints their own officers for Special Duties and responsibilities i.e. investigations and supervision etc. In either case, when a person (civilian or an Army Officer) is chosen for army job, he is given a Formal Appointment Letter.

Basic elements of Army Officer Appointment Letter:

Army Officer Appointment Letter is just like any other appointment letter but there are some elements that are different here. Starting with, when the Army recruiters finally decide to hire an applicant, they send the Appointment Letter that includes the Designation, job responsibilities and the details of joining the force i.e. DOJ, Brigade number, infantry number, division number and many more. In the Letter, the applicant is asked to reply with a definite answer in the given time limit and if he wants to accept the offer, he is also given the name and other details of his Commanding Officer to whom he is asked to report. Usually the place or location of Appointment is decided by the army officials and the applicants don’t have any saying in this decision making process which means either they have to agree with whatever location they are asked to report or they can also decline the Job Offer.

Sample Army Officer Appointment Letter

Department of the Army,
4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry division,
Garner Airfield, California

Date: 17 September, 2015

Memorandum for Major General Hugo,
2nd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division,
Ford Hood, Texas, 153943

Subject: Appointment as Investigation Officer

Major General Hugo, you are hereby informed that Commander General Scott has decided to appoint you as the Investigation Officer in the case 15HD-094AJG. This is the code for the case of three missing soldiers in Sacramento on June 23rd, 2015. During the Investigation, you are required to perform the following duties;

  1. You will contact the current Investigating Officer and ask him to hand over all the files and important documents on this case.
  2. Also, you will gather a team of at least 6 members in which 2 members will be nominated by the Headquarters and you will have complete decision making power for selecting the remaining four members.
  3. You will decide how to proceed with the Investigation and no one else will have any saying in that. You can and you will precede the investigation as you want.
  4. Moreover, you will decide if you want to meet the witnesses alone or there should be another member present in the meeting. All the statements by witnesses will be recorded and you will ask all the witnesses to Sworn and Sign the statement on DA Form 3495.
  5. Before you take any Legal Action against any citizen, you are required to get permission from the State Judge.
  6. You will have exactly 45 days before concluding your findings and presenting evidence in favor of your own statement.



Banking Job Appointment Letter

The Letter that is sent by the General Manager or Branch Manager in the banking sector to the candidates of a vacant position in order to announce their Appointment is called the Banking Job Appointment Letter. The content of this Letter basically depends on the type of job but all of these letters include the basic elements i.e. Official Statement about the Appointment of the Candidate, job description, starting salary and joining date.

What’s important in Banking Job Appointment Letter?

Banking is one of the many sectors around the world that take more than usual time to hire new employees because of the obvious reasons. The process of hiring new employees starts with job announcement and after interviewing selected candidates; Recruiters filter the most Eligible Applicants and send them Confirmation Letters about the final decision. If a recruiter has decided to hire a candidate in the bank, he will inform the head of the HR department and after his Approval, an Appointment Letter will be sent to the selected candidates.

This letter includes the basic introduction to Terms and Conditions on which the employer wants to hire the applicant. After that, it depends on the applicants if they want to accept the job offer or not. The Terms and Conditions in the Appointment Letter mostly depend on the Job Description as the responsibilities of each job in the bank are different and so does the rules on which employees are hired on these positions. For common jobs i.e. clerk, cashier and teller, the applicants are asked to either agree with the terms and conditions or find another job but for high profile jobs, recruiters also offer Negotiations on the Recruitment Policies.

Sample Banking Job Appointment Letter


Michael Butler
General Manager,
HR department,
Western Digital Bank of England.


Mr. John Derrick
9th Broadway, 3Rd Avenue,
London, England.

Date: 18 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter for position of Public Relations Officer


Dear Mr. Derrick,

I am writing this letter in reference with your Interview with our HR department for the position of Bank Teller at our Nottingham Branch. We received your application for the position of bank teller and the interview was also conducted for the same position but unfortunately, during the interview and after processing your Educational Certificates and documents, our HR department feels that you will be a better fit in the Public Relations officer position as it suits your Background in Marketing and you also Majored in Communication and Customer Dealing.

This Letter is sent to inform you about our decision and to see if you agree with it or not. Before making any decisions, it is important that you take your time and think about this offer from every angle but you are required to reply with a definite answer within 10 days of receiving this Letter. If you want to discuss anything or want to have a Formal Meeting with our HR department, please contact me so that the meeting is arranged.

If you decide to put down this offer, we still wish you a very good and bright career in front of you and if you decide to join our Banking Team, you will be paid $3250 per month as your Starting Salary without any Additional Benefits and Incentives for the first 6 months and after that, you will get raise of 10% along with Health and Medical Insurance for you and your family. During your Probation Period, you will be working under supervision of Mr. Kinsley whose job will be to prepare you according to our Needs and Requirements.  If there is anything else that you want to know, feel free to contact HR office from 9 am to 5 Pm during weekdays.


Michael Butler
General Manager
HR department


Contractor Appointment Letter

After meeting with different contractors and construction companies, when an individual client or a company decide about a particular contractor they want to hire, the Official Appointment Letter is sent to that contractor. On one hand, this letter indicates towards the fact that the client has chosen the receiver as the contractor where on the other hand, this letter also provides overview of the Terms and Conditions on which the client decided to hire the contractor. After receiving the letter and going through the terms and conditions, if the contractor decides to accept the offer, Acknowledgement Letter is sent back to the client that shows the contractor has agreed to the offer and terms and conditions of the offer.

Uses and purpose of Contractor Appointment Letter:

If you think of this Appointment Letter as construction agreement, you are not thinking right. A construction agreement is completely different from the Contractor Appointment Letter. This letter only indicates towards the fact that the client has chosen the contractor and now if the contractor accepts the offer, they will discuss the different aspects of the project and then the contract or actual Legal Agreement will be written and signed between both parties.

Detailed description of each job in the project is defined and explained in the agreement but the Appointment Letter just indicates towards major areas or factors i.e. it includes the basic rate that the client is offering to the contractor, the starting date, the duration for completion of the project along with the payment details i.e. amount of each payment, number of payments for entire project etc.

Sample Contractor Appointment Letter


Kevin Morn,
65th East Avenue, 2nd street,
Manhattan, New York, NY 27149.


Patrick Rudd,
Private Construction contractor,
West Virginia Construction Company,
Washington DC, 342976.

Date: 20 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter for Home Construction and Remodeling

Dear Mr. Patrick,

I am writing this Letter to inform you that I have decided to hire you as a Private Contractor for the construction and remodeling of my house. After going through the terms and conditions, if you agree, we will proceed to the Official Agreement Writing.

When we met last week, I discussed everything about this project in detail so that there is no confusion or surprise for any party in the future and if you want to accept my offer, note that there won’t be any compromise or negotiation on those details.

You have agreed to start the work within 10 days and will complete within 6 weeks. You will be paid once every week. The payment amount is included in the agreement and I have added it after discussing it with you in the previous meeting.

Before starting the construction or demolish work, you are required to provide insurance papers for your company and your workers so that if there is any kind of damage to my property, I won’t need to worry about the expenses as the insurance will cover it. If you agree, please reply within 2 days of receiving this Letter.


Kevin Morn

Doctor Appointment Letter

A Doctor Appointment Letter is a formal letter sent by the hospital manager or supervisor to the patients in order to confirm an Appointment with the Doctor. When there are dozens of appointments, it’s important for the doctor’s assistant to make sure every patient will make to the checkup and if there is an empty spot, it’s given to a patient with comparatively severe condition. We can say that Doctor Appointment Letter is a way to confirm if the patients still want to come for their checkup or not.  Another important purpose of this Letter is to remind patients about their upcoming checkups and to inform a patient about an early Appointment that might be available.

Key elements to include and purpose of this Letter:

The content of this Doctor Appointment Letter depends on the key purpose of writing this letter i.e. confirming the appointment or informing the patient about an early spot available. Providing specific instructions to the patients for a particular checkup is also a very important purpose of this Letter.  If you are writing this Letter to a patient, start with a warm welcome and talk a little about the hospital and the doctor they will be visiting. After that, notify them that you are writing this letter to; confirm the appointment, cancel the appointment, inform them about an early appointment or about the preparations for the visit i.e. meals to take, test reports to bring etc.

Sample Doctor Appointment Letter


Jane Theodore,
Hospital Manager,
Flynn International Hospital,
343, 5th drive, southwest,
Scranton, PA 235242.


Mr. and Mrs. Martin,
Apartment 5th, 34 blue building,
Grand Lane, Scranton, PA 235242,
Date: 15 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Confirmation Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Martin,

Before anything else, I would like to welcome you in this hospital as the new patients of Doctor Steve. I would also like to tell you that Doctor Steve is practicing family medicine at this hospital for more than 15 years and he is one of Best Doctors in the hospital. He is a very important member of medical staff at this hospital. There is detailed introduction about Doctor Steve and other staff members on our official website that you may find on the hospital brochure.

I am writing this Letter to confirm your appointment with Doctor Steve for your kids on this Tuesday at 10 am. According to my records, you will be visiting with Ruth Martin, Melanie Martin and Ashley Martin for general checkup. Along with this letter, you will find a questionnaire about the medical history of your family members and we would like you to fill these forms and bring them when you visit for your Appointment.

In addition, Doctor Steve would also like to get medical history of your kids from former doctor in order to proceed according to initial diagnosis. For this purpose, you are asked to fill out and sign the medical release form attached with this letter.

Please reply as soon as possible in order to confirm your visit. If you have any questions or want to ask anything else, feel free to contact me or visit anytime you want.


Jane Theodore

Marketing Manager Appointment Letter

When it is time to appoint a Marketing Manager in the company in any department, organizations prefer to go with inside hiring but it is also very common to hire from outside. Whether the HR department wants to promote an existing employee on the said position or decides to hire an outside applicant, a notification is sent to that person and it is known as the Marketing Manager Appointment Letter.

Key elements to include in the Marketing Manager Appointment Letter:

Appointment Letter is a very formal letter and the Marketing Manager Appointment Letter is also drafted in the same sense. The key purpose of this Letter is to confirm Appointment of a particular candidate on the above mentioned position.  It depends on each company and its HR department that what kind of information this letter might include. If you want to inform an applicant that you have hired them in your company, use a Precise Statement and keep the letter short. On the other hand, when you want to discuss Additional Factors in the letter, start with the good news and then include the Terms and Conditions on which you have hired the applicant. It starts with a short introduction of existing team members in the company along with the name of the Manager or HOD to whom the newly Appointed Marketing Manager will answer. Other details include; date of joining, probation period duration, salary, incentives, additional benefits, bonuses and commissions, job responsibilities, vacation days, company rules and regulations and the most important factor; violation and termination of the agreement by either party.

Sample Marketing Manager Appointment Letter


Loren Sealer,
Admin/Manager HR,
Woodworth International Ltd,
45 Ball Avenue,
Maestro, 42234.


Sophie Martin,
23th, 1st Madison lane,
Maestro, 42234.

Date: 14 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter for the position of Marketing Manager


Dear Ms. Sophie,

I am pleased to inform you that with reference to your job application for the position of Marketing Manager at Woodworth International Ltd, you are hired on the above mentioned position. Congratulations from all of us especially the HR manager, Sales executive, Marketing protocol officer and sales team.

You remember that during your interview with the HR department last week, Company policies and Terms and Conditions were discussed with you and you agreed to them without any change or further Negotiation. In reference to that meeting, I want to inform you that you are hired on the following terms and conditions;

You are hired on Probation and it will last for 4 months starting from the Date of Joining. It’s also possible that we cut short this period depending on your Performance.

You will be paid $5,000 per month for the first 4 months and it’s inclusive of additional benefits and incentives.

When you travel for company purposes, you will be Reimbursed for the expenses.

During the probation period, company will not grant you any leaves with pay.

During the probation period, either party can decide to terminate the agreement with at least 15 days of Notice.

After 4 months, you will be asked to sign an Agreement with the Company when it’s decided to hire you as a permanent Marketing Manager. Your salary and incentives will be discussed at that time as well.

Please feel free to discuss anything if you have any questions or want something to be explained further. You are also asked to inform the HR department about your Final Decision within 1 week of receiving this letter.


Loren Sealer

Project Manager Appointment Letter

After receiving applications for the position of Project Manager and interviewing the applicants, when the HR department decides to go with a particular applicant, the manager writes a notification to that applicant. In this notification, the applicant is told about the decision of hiring him as the Project Manger and it is called the Project Manger Appointment Letter. It depends on particular situations if this letter is written and sent to the applicant via mail or if the HR department wants to email it on the provided email address by the applicant.

Brief description of Project Manager Appointment Letter:

After conducting interviews, when a particular applicant is selected for the position of Project Manager, he is informed with the Official Appointment Letter. This letter includes the statement that the receiver is selected for the job along with many other things i.e. details of the job, job description, responsibilities and duties, location of appointment, details of the first project, name of superiors to who the Project Manager will answer, compensation, additional incentives, bonuses and number of other things. Sometimes the appointment letter also includes the terms and conditions on which the recruiters and the applicant agreed i.e. policies of the organization.

Besides serving the key purpose, the Project Manager Appointment Letter helps the receiver learn about the company and Organizational Setup. With this letter, company enlists the Guidelines and Instruction on which the candidate will have to work after joining the team. When these instructions are provided before joining, it gives an overall idea to the candidate about how he is expected to deliver and work in the organization. This way, if the candidate has any problem, he can ask the HR for Negotiation or when no alteration is possible, he can simply refuse the offer and move on which would save a lot of time for both parties.

Sample Project Manager Appointment Letter


Cathy Hampton,
HR manager,
New Orland Construction Company.


Tim Garfield,

Date: 14 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter

Dear Mr. Tim,

I am writing this Letter in reference with the job application that you sent last week for the position of Project Manager in our company. Our recruiters went through your documents, Interviewed you three times and I am very happy to inform you that we have selected you for the position of Project Manager at our Company.

After you join our team, our Executives will decide where to appoint you initially. It might be the Dorset Site because there is a big project going on there and we might need your expertise on this Project. Please be notified that the company reserves the right to appoint you anywhere in the state in order to handle and supervise our future projects.

You are required to contact the HR department within 1 week of receiving this letter so that we can proceed to the next level; introducing you to our team members and getting you started on your first project. Your job responsibilities, organizational hierarchy, your compensation, incentives, bonuses and vacation plans will also be discussed in your meeting with the HR department.


Cathy Hampton

HR manager

Sales Manager Appointment Letter

Hiring or recruitment process in every company and organization is different. This means that if you have applied for the Sales Manager position, it can take weeks for the HR Department to make a final decision and when it’s done, the selected person is notified with the Formal Appointment Letter. The Sales Manager Appointment Letter is sent by organizations in order to inform a particular applicant that he has been selected for the position of Sales Manager.

Brief description of Sales Manager Appointment Letter:

If you have worked before, you can understand the feeling that you get while waiting to hear from a company where you applied for a job. It can take weeks and even months if it’s a very important position i.e. CEO or CFO. In the same sense, the job of a Sales Manager is also very important as Sales is the life blood of any organization because it’s the key source of income for the company and because of this purpose, HR department takes the process of hiring a new sales manager very serious. After a final decision has been made, the HR manager writes the Official Appointment Letter and sends it to the selected applicant.

The appointment letter obviously includes the most important element; Official Statement by the company announcing that they have selected the receiver of the letter as the Sales Manager. Along with that, this letter might include number of other things i.e. the compensation that the company is offering to the applicant, incentives, the person whom the appointed Manager will answer to, training or probation period, date of joining, bonuses for achieving the targets and brief description of the job duties and responsibilities of a Manager. With this Appointment Letter, another document is attached that includes the company policies and terms and conditions for the newly appointed Manager.

Sample Sales Manager Appointment Letter


Alan Robinson,
Glitter International,
123, 1st avenue, New Zealand.


Michael Joe

Date: 27 August, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter for the Position of Sales Manager


Dear Mr. Michael,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the HR department has decided to appoint you as the Sales Manager at our Herington Branch and I would like to congratulate you on this big day of your life.

This letter is written in reference to your job application for the position of Sales Manager at our company that you sent last month. After announcing an opening in our company, we received hundreds of applications and after filtering the applicants, we interviewed more than a dozen applicants. You were also the one who we interviewed four times and you might found it strange but our recruiters had to make sure that you are the right person for this very important position at our company.

I would also like to inform you that you are required to contact with the HR department within 10 days of receiving this letter. Your compensation, bonuses, date of joining and brief description of your job responsibilities will be discussed in the meeting.


Alan Robinson


Sales Representative Appointment Letter

When a company decides to appoint a person as a Sales Representative, a notification is sent to that person after conducting one or interviews with the applicant. This notification is known as the Sales Representative Appointment Letter. Along with serving the key purpose; notifying the applicant that he is hired in the company, this letter also includes several other important elements including; terms and conditions, company policies and objectives, salary and incentives, date of joining, introduction to executive employees in the company, details of products or services the company offers, commission or sales bonus details and job duties and responsibilities.

Instructions for writing Sales Representative Appointment Letter:

Sales Representative is a person who is hired from outside as a temporary employee of the company and he is recruited to represent the company to the customers and potential clients in the market. After conducting interviews, if you decide to hire a particular applicant as Sales Representative, you will need to inform him about your decision with the Formal Appointment Letter. This will serves as the legal proof of employment for the sales representative. Some companies send the instructions about the job responsibilities and terms and conditions of the company on a separate letter but most of the organizations prefer to add these details on the same Appointment Letter. Money is also an important element that is included in the appointment letter. This Letter includes the details of salary, percentage of commission on each sale, initial sale target and bonus for achieving the targets on monthly or quarterly basis. Formal introduction to the team members and seniors is postponed until day of joining but their names are included in the Appointment Letter.

Sample Sales Representative Appointment Letter


Anthony B. Todd,
Manager HR,
Argon International,
45 Southwest, 2nd Avenue,
Broadway, New York.


Jonathan William,
Apartment 23, 3rd building,
2nd Avenue, New York,

Date: 4 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter for the Position of Sales Representative


Dear Mr. William,

I am very happy to inform you that we have decided to include you in our sales team as the Sales Representative. I am sending you this Appointment Letter in reference of your job application for the above said position at our company.

As you can recall, when you came for the interview, we provided you with the documents that show company policies and terms and conditions on which we hire staff members. As you agreed on all of those terms and conditions, there is no need to describe them here.

As per your request and negotiation with the HR department, we have decided to increase your sales commission to 15%. This is because of your excellent experience in sales and knowledge of local market and customers in this area.

You are required to contact the HR department within 15 days of receiving this letter. As soon you visit us, we will start right away by introducing you to our sales team members and other employees. There will also be a meeting with our CEO Mr. Robert as he likes to meet every new Sales Representative that we hire.

We are waiting to hear from you very soon. Please contact HR department if you want to discuss anything else.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony B. Todd

Manager HR

Teacher Appointment Letter

Most of the countries around the world and almost every state in USA have a government regulation that when a school, college or university wants to include new teachers and professors in the faculty, after deciding on particular candidates, they are required to send Formal Notification to them. This formal notification is known as the Teacher Appointment Letter.

Key elements to include in the Teacher Appointment Letter:

Once the recruitment or HR department finalizes names of applicants who will be hired as teachers in the institute, formal Appointment Letters are sent to them. The Appointment Letter itself is a simple document that includes the formal statement from the registrar that the receiver has been appointed as a teacher. Along with that information, this letter also includes the salary package offered by the institute, incentives and benefits exclusive of regular salary, and date of joining and probation period if there is any.

It depends if the registrar office wants to include the terms and conditions of the institute in the Appointment Letter or send separate forms with the notification. Usually the hiring and working policies are sent to the selected applicants separately from the Appointment Notification. Even if it’s discussed in the interview, the letter will also indicate towards the subjects that the teacher will teach in the school and the grade(s) that he or she will be teaching after their appointment.

Sample Teacher Appointment Letter


Nathan Greenfield,
Registrar, Manager HRD,
Woodworth Public School,


Katherine McGee,
23rd Palm Drive,

Date: 25 September, 2015

Subject: Appointment Letter


Dear Ms. Katherine,

It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that our school board members and body counsel committee have decided to appoint you as 8th grade Teacher for the subjects English, History and Geography.

After going through the recruitment process, you might find it strange that we had to call you three times for interviews and we demanded required documents from time to time also but you should understand that our school takes the hiring of new teachers very serious and we had to be absolutely sure about our choice before finalizing anything.

As we discussed, you were interviewed to be appointed as the Teacher for 8th grade. You will be teaching English, Geography and History to the students. We found out that you took extra classes of Mathematics during your studies and if you don’t have any objection, we might ask you to teach Mathematics when the Regular Teacher is on leave.

In the beginning, you are appointed on probation which will last for 3 months and after that, depending on the circumstances, we will appoint you as a Permanent Teacher in our school. You will be paid $35,000 per year without any incentives or additional benefits for the first three months.

There is another document attached with this letter that includes the Terms and Conditions and Policies of our institute. I have also attached the Confirmation Letter with the Appointment Notification and if you agree with the salary package and policies, we would like you to sign the Confirmation and send it back to us within 10 days of receiving this letter. After receiving your acceptance, we will confirm your Appointment Date.


Nathan Greenfield

Trustee Appointment Letter

A trustee is a person who is given power or administration duties of a company or property for a specific purpose. In simple words, a trustee can control and run a business but he doesn’t own it and he has to perform his responsibilities in a particular manner. When an individual is selected to be a trustee of a property or member of a board, he is informed formally with the Trustee Appointment Letter. It depends on each particular situation if the nominated person had any knowledge of this appointment prior to receiving the letter or he was in complete dark about this decision and came across the news after receiving the Trustee Appointment Letter.

Essential elements to include in the Trustee Appointment Letter:

The key purpose of writing a Trustee Appointment Letter is to inform a person about this particular decision and to invite him on the position offered in the letter. Along with that, there are some other elements that are included in this Appointment Letter. Most of the time, these key elements depend on the type of the letter and responsibilities of the trustee i.e. Trustee Appointment Letter for property would be different from Trustee Appointment Letter for church. A common Trustee Appointment Letter includes; name of the trustee with complete address, name of the governing body, name of former trustee, date of appointment of new trustee, salary and additional benefits of the trustee, estimated duration for this appointment and duration to reply to the offer with a definite yes or no.

Besides these obvious elements, the most important part of this letter is the terms and conditions or guidelines on which the trustee will perform the duties and responsibilities that are also enlisted in the Trustee Appointment Letter. It is up to the sender of the letter if he wants to include the terms and conditions and job responsibilities in the same letter or he attaches separate documents with the letter. Sometimes when it’s important and necessary because of legal reasons, the letter might also include the status of previous trustee i.e. what happened to him or why he left the position.

Sample Trustee Appointment Letter


Justin Spenser,
Executive Lawyer,
Lawrence Family.


Jason Render,
534 Panama Avenue,
Beverly Hills.

Date: 25 September, 2015

Subject: Letter offering position of Trustee of Chanter Family Trust

Mr. Render,

It is an honor and absolute please for me to inform you that we have decided to appoint you on the position of Trustee for the Chanter Real Estate property and Trust Funds. In reference to the legal rights given to us by Late Mr. and Mrs. Chanter, we confirm that you have been appointed as the Trustee and you will replace Mr. Smolders (former trustee) next week. You will handle the same duties and responsibilities as the former Trustee Mr. Smolders.

The board has decided that you will be paid $500,000 per year for handling the responsibilities of this position. Please be advised that the salary figure is exclusive of additional benefits and incentives. A separate document is attached with this letter that includes the terms and conditions of payment for the position of Trustee.

A separate acceptance letter is attached and if you formally and legally accept this offer, you need to sign the confirmation letter and return it within 7 days of receiving this Appointment Letter.


Justin Spenser