Baby Shower Guest List Templates

Motherhood is a gift from God and the most wonderful time in a woman’s life is when she is about to become a mother. This is a time when friends and family shower them with extra attention, love, and care because in her womb she bears and nurtures a new life. With this in mind, we have created the perfect Baby Shower Guest List format guide.

A baby shower is a celebration in anticipation of the arrival of a new baby, be it a boy or a girl. It is also a time for mothers to share their wisdom with the mother to be. If it’s the first baby for a woman, a baby shower becomes essential. A baby shower is usually arranged by the close friends and the family of the mother to be. The mother to be is in a very sensitive position at this point. So, it is absolutely essential that the people invited to the baby shower are all well wishers and friends of the mother to be.

A Baby Shower Guest List is not difficult to create. All you need is a list of names of people that are close to the mother to be, either friends or family or family friends.

If the mother to be has several friend circles who do not know each other, it can be tricky. That’s why one of the first things to do before throwing a baby shower is to create the Baby Shower Guest List. If there are too many different sets of friends, it is best to have a separate baby shower for them. If you think you can include office colleagues with near and dear friends, do so. Otherwise, organize a separate baby shower for the office people. Organizing and planning it is the job for the best friend of the mother to be.

You can have immediate family and extended family together. This is a good idea when the mother to be has friends that haven’t met the family. If she has friends that are very close to her, it is alright to bring family and friends together. A Baby Shower Guest List can also be helpful in tracking who is coming and who is not. You could also make a column for gifts received. Baby showers are traditionally only for women. Therefore, it is best to invite women friends and family. However, if the father to be wants to feel more involved in the pregnancy, you could invite the partners of women friends and family. If you want to extend the Baby Shower Guest List, invite their children too.

Don’t invite new friends. For a baby shower, you need to be sure that everyone on the Baby Shower Guest List loves and cares for the mother to be and new friends may not have had the time to evaluate their friendship. It is best to consult with the parents to be if you want to be on the safe side. However, if you want it to be a surprise, stay on the safe side and follow this format.

Free Baby Shower Guest List Templates

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