Bi-Weekly Budget Templates

Download a collection of Free Bi-Weekly Budget Templates to help you manage your budget easily. You can also check out our collection of Weekly Budget Templates.

It is very common in many countries where employees and workers are paid twice a month. This is also known as a bi-weekly salary basis where a company or organization pays its employees two times a month. It is different from the traditional regular salary basis where the employees are paid only once every month. When you are paid twice a month but only need to pay your bill once each month, it can create a problem for you. You must develop a bi-weekly budget plan to eliminate problems and financial situations.

Pitfalls to avoid with Bi-weekly Budget:

Assuming the Extra Check as a Reward:

When you are paid twice a month, you will receive three paychecks now and then. This can happen twice or three times in the entire month when you will have an extra check in your hands. Usually, when a person receives three checks in a month, they think that this is an extra income and they can spend it any way they want but it’s not right.

Being failed with Developing regular Bill Payments:

When you are paid two times a month and you have to pay your bills only once a month, it can create a big problem for you because when you pay your bills and assume that you have paid all the bills and now you can relax until the next paycheck comes, what will happen if another bill arrives the next day and you have no money to pay for it.

Running out of Money between Paychecks:

This is yet another very common problem with the people who receive paychecks twice a month. Usually, when they pay their bills and make other expenses, they find out that there is not enough money in their account to survive for the next 15 days before the next paycheck arrives.

Useful Tips for Handling Problems with Bi-weekly Budget:

Adopting a Schedule with Bi-weekly Income:

When you want to adjust your bi-weekly budget, the most important and first thing is to forget that you are paid twice a month and you receive the bills once a month. With this tactic, you need to pay the bills as soon as they arrive. This means that you will pay the bills with each paycheck.

Creating an Emergency Fund:

Another healthy exercise is putting a portion of your paycheck in a savings account. For example, if you are paid $200 a week, you should save at least $40 in your emergency account. You can use this fund when an unusual expense occurs, i.e. vehicle repair.

Creating a Buffer in your Savings Account:

When you have paid all of your bills and you know there is no more expense, it is very hard not to see how much money you have got in your account that you can spend on things you like i.e. shoes, clothes, games, etc. this is not a healthy practice and you should decide on a particular amount of money that should be there in your account at all times. This way when you have this certain amount of money in your account, you can spend the remaining funds in your hand without worrying about going dry or out of money in between the bi-weekly payments.

Bi-Weekly Budget Templates (Exclusive But Free)

We have created some Bi-Weekly Budget Templates based on user feedback to facilitate our website users in planning their Bi-Weekly Budgets effectively. Please send us your feedback by posting a comment on how we can improve it to serve your purpose.

Here comes the first of these Bi-Weekly Budget Templates in MS Excel.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 01..

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Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 02..

Here is the download link for this 2nd Free & Exclusive Bi-Weekly Budget Template in MS Excel format.

And here comes the 3rd Exclusive Bi-Weekly Budget Template in MS Excel.

Check out the following simple yet comprehensive Bi-Weekly as well as Monthly Budget Planner Template.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 03..

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Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 04..

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Yet another Budget Planner Template in MS Excel format.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 05..


Free Bi-Weekly Budget Templates

Here is a good-looking Bi-weekly Budget Worksheet Form to help you easily print your budget. It also incorporates Monthly Payments and Balances for your selected accounts to help you track your spending easily.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 06..


Another good-looking Personal Monthly Budget Template to enables you to track your Projected and Actual Expenses in Entertainment, Housing, Loans, and Transportation. Moreover, it also added value by highlighting the Difference between Projected and Actual Costs. This is quite useful and helpful to assist you in taking decisions to step down your expenses.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 07..

Here is a  Bi-weekly Budget Template that can easily help you record your daily expenses by category. Hence you can sort them out by category to display and see details of the expenses you did.

Bi-Weekly-Budget-Template 08..