Birthday Budget Templates

Download 19+ Free Birthday Budget Templates to help you celebrate your birthday with a planned party. You can also check out our collection of Event Budget Templates.

For most of us who work on a job and earn a limited income from the job, it is very common that there are some times when we don’t have enough to spend on the things that really need our attention i.e. leakage in the basement and meanwhile we are thinking about taking care of it, there is a birthday person in the house. As a parent, we always want what’s best for our children and throwing an excellent birthday party is also a very common wish among people.

But, in the times when we can’t spend too much on the party, it simply seems impossible that we can arrange for a gathering when the money is tight. This is where the birthday budget comes in for help. This is a simple tool that is used to calculate the budget in hands and estimate the ways to spend it so that it is used in the best way.

Importance of Preparing Birthday Budget:

The most important thing about birthday budget planning is that with this tactic, you can evaluate how much money you have or how much you can afford to spend on the birthday party. This way when you have a figure, you can find cheaper or affordable ways to spend it according to what your kids want for their birthday party. It may sound impossible but it’s organizing a birthday party within a limited budget is very much possible.

Useful Tips for Preparing Birthday Budget:

  1. Calculate your Budget:
    The first thing that you need to do is to calculate the money that you have in your birthday budget or the money that you can spend from your monthly income. This way you can have a starting value of how much you need to spend on the birthday party.
  2. Do the work yourself:
    The most important and effective thing that you can do in order to save money on a birthday party is to do most of the work by yourself. There are many party organizers in the city that offer professional help for birthday parties and even if it sounds very convenient that you won’t need to do any work, these organizers or planners will cost you a lot so it is better to do the planning and organizing by yourself.
  3. Don’t use Licensed Products:
    Although the licensed products for the party decoration are very tempting and attractive but keep in mind that these decorations will cost you a fortune so when you want to work on a limited budget, it is better to go with generic products and decoration items.
  4. Always go with Stuff that you can reuse:
    When you go out for shopping for the birthday party, always choose the decoration items that you can save and use again so that the next birthday won’t cost you as much as this one.
  5. Make your Own Food:
    The item in a birthday party that will cost you the most is the food and when you are trying to save money, you should prepare your own food. You can easily make a birthday cake at home under $10 where a cake from a bakery will cost you as much as $200.

Free Birthday Budget Templates

Download all these Free Birthday Budget Templates that can easily help you to prepare your own Birthday Budget effectively.

Birthday Budget Template

Checkout this wonderful Birthday Party Budget Planner that can allow you to quickly plan your Birthday Party effectively. This Planner Sheet also includes option to specify cost estimate for food items including snacks, drinks and cake.

Following Birthday Budget Sheet contains two worksheets to allow you effectively manage your birthday party. The first worksheet contains summary of all the expected expenses both estimated and actual. While the second worksheet includes all the details of group heads mentioned in first worksheet.

Moreover, this worksheet also includes a section to list download potential contributors to cover up these birthday expenses.

Birthday Budget Sheet Template 01

Following is actually an Engagement Party Budget Planner but it is very much similar to Birthday Party Planner. With very little changes, you can easily manage your birthday party using this wonderful but easy to use MS Excel Sheet.

Following is another useful Event Planner Sheet created by Vertex42 to plan your Scout Camp. Again, with little modifications, anyone can use it for Birthday Party Planning.

If you are looking a quick and brief MS Excel sheet to quickly list down your potential expenses in upcoming birthday party, then here it is for you.

Another useful Event Budget Workbook that can enable you to plan your projected expenses for the birthday party. You can enjoy to overview subtotals as you move on to the details of each and every expense head.

Checkout this wonderful Birthday Party Planner template to allow you quickly but effectively manage your birthday expenses. This is beautify template that attracts its reader to start using it. Moreover, it is also very easy to use and customize as per your specific requirements.

Another effective Event Budget Planner Sheet to allow you to manage your Party Expenses quickly. All heads and its sub items contains both Estimate and Actual values to be filled in by the user. It calculates its totals quickly and automatically so you don’t need to worry about this.

Checkout this simple yet good looking birthday party budget planning sheet. This worksheet is very easy to understand and even a child can input values. However it only includes budget values and not the actual cost to compare afterwards.

Here is another good looking Event Budget Template that allows you to input cost values in Euro or UK Pound. A useful comparison of Income vs. Expenditure is there to help you manage your budget resources quickly.

Checkout this wonderful Budget Template that includes Bar and Pie Charts to help you understand Income vs. Expenses analysis quickly.

Another great Event Budget Worksheet to help you plan your Birthday Event Budget quickly. This sheet is very easy to use as well to print using a home printer.