Christmas Budget Templates

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Christmas is the occasion that most of the Christians celebrate very happily and with most pleasure. This is also the time of the year when you get to meet your family members, relatives and old friends in your hometown. If you really like having people for a mean on Christmas, you should organize a Christmas party so that all of your friends and family members get together and enjoy a delicious meal. On the other hand, you should also understand that if you plan a Christmas party without considering your budget, it can create a financial problem for you. This is why it is really important that when you want to plan a Christmas party, you prepare budget for the occasion.

Importance of preparing Christmas Budget:

It is very easy to understand that if you don’t consider the expenses that you make on Christmas, you can get in a lot of credit debt that will be very hard to cover if you only have limited income resources. You may not think about the Christmas as an expensive time of the year but it is reality that when you arrange for parties, prepare meals for the guests and arrange for gifts, it can take even thousands of dollars. In order to make sure that you don’t spend more than you can afford, use Christmas budget planning.

Useful tips for preparing Christmas Budget:

  1. Calculate the money that you have:
    Before you do anything or go any further with the planning, you need to calculate the exact amount of money that you have or want to spend on the Christmas. You can either take a portion of your monthly salary in December or you can also use a savings account in which you saved money for the entire year. In either way, check how much money you have that you can spend on the Christmas.
  2. Talk to your Friends and Family Members about Gifts:
    If you think you can’t afford expensive gifts for your family members and friends, you should talk to them and explain to them why you want them to stick to a minimum budget gifts. This way you don’t look bad with less expensive gifts when everyone else bring really expensive gifts.
  3. Organize just a Catch up Christmas:
    If you estimate that you can’t purchase gifts this year, it is not very bad and you can still enjoy a good party at your house with your family members and friends. Talk to your friends and tell them that you want to organize just a catch up Christmas party this year where you don’t bring any gifts and just share a meal together.
  4. Purchase Gifts when they are on Sale:
    If you really want to get gifts for your family members and friends, don’t want until December but keep eye around you so that when there is a sale, you can buy stuff that won’t cost you as much near the Christmas.
  5. Make your own Gifts and Decoration:
    If you don’t want to buy gifts for your friends or you can’t afford to buy gifts this year, you can also make gifts by yourself. Take a look on internet and find creative gifts to make for your family members and friends. In the same manner, you can also make your own Christmas party decorations.

Free Christmas Budget Templates

Christmas is the harbinger of new year and celebration. It brings along happiness, fun, good luck and lots of love. Though, Christmas is the major festival of Christians but it is widely celebrated by all. The birth of Jesus Christ has to be celebrated as a grand feast and thus requires lot of preparations and pre-planning. The preparations begin a month ago and last till the 25th of December. Since, it is close to the beginning of the new year, the celebrations double and people enjoy the festive season at its peak. The most important of all is to prepare a Christmas Budget. Since, the festival is considered as the one which brings peace and a sense of sharing happiness, the gifts and other exchange of items are common. Thus, on and all, there are lot of things to be managed and hence, preparing Christmas Budget is must.

Download all these Free Christmas Budget Templates that can easily help you to prepare your own Christmas Budget effectively.

Christmas Budget Template

Preparing a Christmas Budget is not complex if you follow the guidelines as mentioned. Initially, list down all the major things to be purchased. Ensure that you prioritize your list and do not forget to mention the quantity and the cost. Make separate sections for gifts, cards, decorations, cooking supplies etc. It is better to segregate the components as per the need. Since it is a grand festival, there would be too many expenses. Therefore, better to plan the budget in a systematic order.

The top space of the budget describes the total expenses including all major components. Below this section, make separate sections for gifts, decorations, kitchen supplies (food, cake) and other necessities. Next to this, make three columns- one for the actual cost, one as estimated cost and the last one for the difference of the two. Keep updating your Christmas Budget as you make purchases. You can also put a check box on the top right space to update the number of gifts purchased. It is advised to highlight the figures in the difference column with green or red. Green is used to represent cash surplus i.e. actual cost incurred is less than the estimated cost.

The Christmas Budget can be prepared in an Excel sheet, a word doc, in your mobile phones or even on a piece of paper. But if you choose the digital medium, it is always better as your work will be done easily, will consume less time, and will be error free. Also, you can send the budget to any of your friends or relatives easily via an email. You are free to add on certain things like whom to gift and quantity to be purchased. This will make it more detailed and will be easy for you to plan the things. A Christmas Budget must be prepared at least a month prior to the festival date and keep on updating as you proceed. Thus, if you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you will be able to prepare a Christmas Budget effectively as well as efficiently. A budget is known to be effective if the difference between the estimated cost and actual cost is negligible.