Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Christmas is an ave where everyone celebrates no matter how rich or poor he/she is. It is also a common business practice to offer special discounts on famous products and services. Usually it is issues by means of Christmas Gift Certificates to cash-in while you buy their goods and services. By using this marketing tool, businesses usually boost their sales by 50% to 100% while cleaning their dead stock or old fashion products.

Christmas Gift Certificate Format Guidelines

So what should be included in a standard Gift Certificate Design specially for an event like Christmas? Well! … first and the foremost, you need to include some graphics related to Christmas such as Christmas Trees, Candies, Santa Claus etc. This will give immediate impression to its viewer that it is something to do with Christmas. Moreover, it will feel appropriate to suit such an event where everyone is picking up toys, stationery and/or shopping items in Christmas Color Scheme.

Please make sure you include following key information to your Christmas Gift Certificate Design before printing.

  • Name of the person you are granting this Gift To.
  • Name of the Person and/or Company who is offering this Gift
  • Discount or Value Amount
  • An Expiry Date – Up till when this Gift Certificate can be used.
  • Address of the Store or Shop from where people can do shopping to cash-in this gift voucher.

Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Checkout following Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates in MS Word format to allow you design and print your own Gift Certificates quickly and effectively.

We have created these Templates to allow even an housewife to create competitive Gift Vouchers or Certificates quickly without spending too much time on learning graphics skills. Each and every Template here allows you to drag and drop images or text elements to tailor it as per your particular requirements.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 01

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Checkout another good looking Gift Certificate Design for your upcoming Christmas Sales.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 02

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Yet another Christmas Gift Certificate Design that can easily boost your sales this holiday season and also allow people to celebrate their Christmas parties with passion.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 03

Here is download link for this Gift Certificate MS Word Template.

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Following Gift Certificate Design includes traditional Santa Claus giving away gifts to children on Christmas Day. This theme can easily be used to offer your special Gift Vouchers related to children of any ages.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 04

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Another good looking Christmas Template using Christmas Tree and bunch of gift boxes to express the potential excitement of your customers.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 05

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Candies are quite an attractive element for so many kids on the occasion of Christmas. It floods their mind with excitement and potential enjoyment they are going to experience. Offering candies along with the promised discount can actually add value to your company or store reputation. Hence it is strongly recommended to keep a jar full of candies with you while selling your goods and products on Christmas Day. You will experience a magical effect of this.

Here is preview of a Candy Themed Gift Certificate Template for your quick assistance.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 06

Here is download link to download this Christmas Gift Certificate Design in MS Word format.

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Here is a Joker Themed Gift Certificate Template that seems to be giving away gifts just like a Santa. A bunch of Gift Boxes are also their to grab attention of its viewer and leave the impression of Free Gifts or Giveaways for the owner of this Gift Voucher.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 07

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A Unique Gift Box idea to deliver your Gift Certificate to really the deserving customers. Such certificates or vouchers express your care to the loyal and passionate customers. A Christmas tree on the right bottom end, will inform the owner of this certificate to use it on this Christmas Event.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 08

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Another good looking and an attractive Gift Certificate Design that can easily enable your customers to enjoy a good discount on their favorite products and services.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 09

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Common Mistakes to avoid in Christmas Gift Certificates

Here are very common mistakes that one should avoid in order to design a perfect Gift Certificate Template for Christmas.

  • Never use light or dull colors in your design as they will not attract to its viewers.
  • Don’t forget to mention clearly the Discount Value and any particular terms & conditions.
  • Clearly mention that this Gift Value can’t be replaced with cash.
  • Also, mention that how many gift certificates one can use in One Particular Purchase.
  • Also print an Expiry date.
  • If possible, print a unique Voucher Number on every Gift Certificate to identify and track its usage later on.
  • Please list download all terms & conditions pertaining to usage of these gift vouchers either at the bottom or on other side of the voucher.