Sample Complaint Letters

Study these free Sample Complaint Letters before writing a perfect complaint letter to raise your voice. The use of appropriate words while writing complaints is the key to attracting the attention of corresponding seniors and decision-makers.

Complaint Letter to Bank Manager for Out-of-Service ATM Machine

Almost all the banks have provided the facility withdrawing of money through ATMs. This facility has provided great comfort to the people as they can save a lot of time which they used to waste by standing in the queue in the banks to get the money. Now people simply go to the ATM dispenser, put their card in and take the money out. Almost all people have now started using this method for money withdrawal which is why if the machine gets out of service, then it affects millions of people.  ATMs have been installed almost everywhere in the world. You can find multiple ATMs around you. It is very easy to get money instantly through these ATMs.

In case the machine stops working, the customer of the ATM should write a complaint letter to the bank manager. This letter can be very helpful for the banks as well because they are also very much concerned about the ATMs working and keep checking these machines after regular intervals.

Why write a Complaint Letter?

The complaint letter is the best way to communicate to the bank as it is written proof that you have lodged you’re complaint to the bank. In the complaint letter, the customer, first of all, informs the bank manager about the service of the ATM. He also tells the bank manager about the type of problem that he is facing. He can also write about other people who are also facing some other problems related to the machine. Writing a complaint letter to the bank manager is the quickest way to let him know about the poor service of the ATM. It is also very important to write a complaint letter in such a way that compels the bank to take immediate action and fix the ATM.

Sample Complaint Letter

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Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

Traveling by airline can be a very memorable time for many reasons. These reasons can be good as well as bad such as bad service, mechanical problems in the plane, lost luggage, or rude behavior of the airline crew.

Sometimes you are required to write a letter to the airline in which you have traveled to let them know about your bad experience on the last flight. This letter has especially been designed to help you in writing the letter. You can complain about any of your problems to the top management of the airline or to any other authority of the airline who has the responsibility to handle the transportation system of the airline. Here are some basic rules to draft a letter to the airline. These rules can be helpful for you to write a letter.

Always remember to add an enclosure in the letter and write the enclosure at the end of the letter so that the reader can know that you have added an enclosure if you do not have any enclosure, then simply remove the word ‘enclosure’ from the letter.

Your letter must be signed by you and also copy it before you send it to the Airline Company. Write all the details related to you so that the airline company can know which passenger is facing the problem of non-serious behavior of crew members.

While writing a letter, in fact, any letter, just follow the rule of KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Try to elaborate on your problem. Outline your problem in very simple points so that the airline system can understand your problem.

Also, keep in mind a few points while writing this letter. These few points are:

  1. Why are you complaining?
  2. What do you want the airline to do in response?
  3. Against which person or department do you want to complaint


Sample Complaint Letter

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