Sample Complaint Letters

Study these 9 free Sample Complaint Letters before writing a perfect complaint letter to raise your voice. Use of appropriate words while writing complaints is the key to attract attention of corresponding seniors and decision makers.

Complaint Letter to Bank Manager for Out of Service ATM Machine

Almost all the banks have provided the facility withdrawal of money through ATM machines. This facility has provided great comfort to the people as they can save a lot of time which they used to waste by standing in the queue in the banks in order to get the money. Now people simply go to ATM dispenser, put their card in and take the money out. Almost all people have now started using this method for money withdrawal which is why if the machine gets out of service, then it affects millions of people.  ATM machines have been installed almost everywhere in the world. You can find multiple ATM machines around you.  It is very easy to get the money instantly through these ATM machines.

In case the machine stops working, the customer of the ATM machine should write a complaint letter to the bank manager. This letter can be very helpful for the banks as well because they are also very much concerned about the ATM machines working and keep checking these machines after regular intervals.

Why to write Complaint Letter?

The complaint letter is a best way to communicate to the bank as it is a written proof that you have lodged you complaint to the bank. In the complaint letter, the customer first of all informs the bank manager about the service of the ATM machine. He also tells the bank manager about the type of problem which he is facing. He can also write about the other people who are also facing some other problems related to the machine. Writing complaint letter to the bank manager is the quickest way to let him know about the poor service of the ATM machine. It is also very important to write a complaint letter in such a way that compels the bank to take immediate actions and fix the ATM machine.

Sample Complaint Letter


Senior Manager,
XYZ Bank, Main Branch,
City XYZ 58589.


Subject: ATM Machine is Out of Service

Respected Sir,

Your bank has always been very kind and active in terms of providing the best services to its customers. I have been using ATM machine of your bank from last 3 years and I never faced any problem regarding withdrawal of money through ATM machine. But, from last one month, I have been facing the problem in withdrawing money. Your ATM machine is out of order.

First I thought may be the money dispenser near my house is not working properly and I tried out ATM machines fixed on other localities but I found that they are also not working properly.

So, here I am facing a lot of problem because of not having any money. I am writing this letter to you so that you can resolve my problem and fix your ATM machines otherwise I will have to change the bank. Please take your time and fix the machine so that it can provide the best services to its customers.


Account number:

Signature ——————————————-


Long Queues/Lines at Bank – Complaint Letter to Bank Manager

This type of letter is written by the customer to the bank manager in situations when there are extremely long queues and waiting in line takes a lot of time. These long queues can be due to various reasons such as the teller at the counter is inefficient and is taking too long to complete the desired work or there are fewer counters and more customers that require the services of the bank. Waiting in these queues is frustrating and aggravating and consumes a huge chunk of time.

For this, a letter is written to the concerned authorities (bank manager). But before a letter is submitted, a verbal complaint is given and even after then, if there is still no action, a formal written complaint is filed. Many banks and organizations ask the complainer to provide a written complaint for documentation purposes. A formal written complaint is easier to submit and in the future, if there is a need to prove the existence of such a complaint, the written complaint acts as evidence.

Details of this Letter:

it is a known fact that the customer base is increasing and for this the number of customers a bank deals with is increasing day by day. This results in long queues in which customers have to wait. Banks, due to various reasons (due to lack of space or due to the bank’s hiring and recruiting policy) don’t employ more tellers or install more counters to facilitate the customers which leads to customers and visitors being extremely aggravated and irritated.

In order to let the bank know of who frustrating this whole ordeal is, a letter in the form of a complaint is written to the bank manager (or the branch manager). This complaint is known as Long Queues/Lines at Bank complaint letter and is either posted or handed over to the secretary of the bank manager. Because of the nature of this letter, this letter is formal and is precise. This is because the bank manager has many things on his/her plate and doesn’t have a lot of time to read long letters.


Bank Manager,
The City Bank, Main Branch,
Los Angeles, LA 42354

Date: 1st January, 2016

Subject: Long Queues/Lines at Bank


Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I have been a regular visitor to your bank and visit the bank on a weekly basis. Every time that I visit the bank, I have to wait in long lines which is extremely aggravating and frustrating. Regardless of what time I visit the bank, there is a long awaiting. This long line takes a long time to disperse, this is because of the teller that sits at the counter and also because of lack of more counters to facilitate the customers. The whole ordeal is time consuming and makes me rethink about my decision to use your services.

Therefore, I am writing this complaint letter so you can resolve this matter immediately and facilitate your customers.

Kindly, please take urgent notice of this matter and resolve this issue immediately.


Account number:



Rude Treatment of Bank Staff – Complaint Letter to Bank Manage

This kind of complaint letter is written by any person in such a situation when he is seriously displeased by the bad treatment of the bank employees. Nowadays, every person has a bank account. Almost all the transactions of the daily life take place through banks. Banks have become a biggest source for all kind of business and commercial money transaction processing system. When the banks are busy in providing services to its customers 24/7 then there can be a situation when their customers feel insecure about the services of the bank.

This complaint letter can be written by any customer of the bank to the human resource department or to the bank manager to lodge a complaint against the bank employees who have not cooperated to him or her. The letter must contain the information about the incident that happened to you when you felt that the bank employees are not cooperative to you. The letter should also contain the date and exact time when that incident occurred so that the bank manager can check the situation in detail. The letter should be able to explain the situation very easily.

Before writing complaint letter, keep that in mind that the letter should be polite and it should use very kind language. Try to use a respectful tone in the letter so that you can get the sympathies of the bank. The letter should be very descriptive. All the details related to the bank must be mentioned in the letter including the bank account number, branch name, branch number and address. Also mention in the letter that you are waiting for the reply or his early actions.

Sample Letter

(Name, Bank Name and address of bank here}

(5th Jan, 2016)

Dear Sir,

I am writing a complaint letter to you. You have a very well reputed bank and it is well known for its customer services but few days ago, I was seriously disappointed by the behavior of your employees. I have been enjoying the services of your bank since many years and that is why I expect a lot. But last week on 1st January, 2016, I went to your branch mane and I requested Mr. (employee name) to deposit amount of 10,000 $ in my account. He, instead of depositing the money made a process to withdraw the money. When i argued with him on this matter he became very rude. He did not listen to me and became very arrogant.

I am sure, that after knowing this all you will take some very serious actions against this incidence and will take some steps to prevent the loss of your bank by losing very valuable customer.

I think that i have done very good act by writing a complaint letter to you, as being a bank manager you must be very much concerned about the reputation of your bank.


Name and Designation,
Company Name


Complaint Letter about a Car Salesmen

Complaining in a right way can produce desired results. In order to complain in a right way, you should be able to write a well-structured letter.

When you have to buy a new car, you go to show room. Buying a new car is not so easy. You are required to know about specifications of the car which you think you can buy. For this purpose, you need to have a good sales person in show room. The bad behavior can make you think not to visit the show room again. You may lose your favorite car because of one salesman. In this case, it is better to lodge a complaint. The car dealers will try to rectify the situation after reading your letter.

First you should know that as a customer, it is your right to get a good salesman. The salesman should be polite, helpful and should be able to tell you about the product in a better way. Sometimes, the salesman does not cooperate well. If the salesman is rude and he does not help the customer in any way, then this letter is the best solution to request the car dealers to change the salesman and to assign you a good salesman.

The bad behavior of salesman can decline the visitors to the showroom, and this can affect the business of car. So, the car dealers welcome the complaints against their sales person as they also want to improve their system. The letter should be to the point. You should know well what you are writing for. Always ask for the response in the reasonable time at the end of the letter. Never forget to add relevant document such as receipt or invoice. Here is the sample letter that can help you in writing a good complaint letter.

Sample Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number


Name of Dealer,

Respected sir,

Re: Complaint letter about a salesman (name of the salesman)

On (date), I went to your show room to get a new car. I saw many good cars and wanted to know about the cars so that I can purchase one. I asked the salesman (name of the salesman) but I was so disappointed to see that he was not so cooperative. He was not willing to assist me in any way. I am not happy with the services provided by your showroom.

The salesman can affect the business significantly. After seeing such a bad behavior of salesman I am thinking to go to some other showroom. But before that I thought to let you know about the salesman so that you can take necessary actions. I would request you to assign me a new salesman who is polite, friendly and has a good behavior with his valued customers. I am looking forward to settling this matter so that I can purchase a car from your showroom.


Your name



Complaint letter about a recent Auto Repair

Often, when you send your vehicle on repair shop because of any problem then you expect that problem not to be there in the vehicle anymore. The problem can be in the engine or in any other part of the vehicle. After the repair you have the bill. If the repair was not satisfactory you can send a complaint letter in which you can request them to repair your vehicle again in same amount which was already paid or you can also ask them to refund the money so that you can consult any other repair shop. This complaint letter is usually written by the owner of the vehicle to the company which provides the repair facility to the people.

The letter is written because the repairing facility was not so good and unacceptable repairing was done to the vehicle. The letter should contain the information about the vehicle such as name and number of the vehicle, repairs which were done and also the date when the vehicle was sent to the repair shop. if the vehicle was sent to the repair shop because of a problem but the problem in the vehicle persists even when the repair has been done, then the vehicle owner has a right to write this letter. This letter will tell the concerned person or the department about the problem which you are facing and also the ways by which they can solve this problem. The letter should be simple and should be to the point. The letter should also tell about the resolution of the repairing company as well as the actual result after repair.

Sample Letter

Your address


Recipient address


I brought my car ( car name, model name and year) on your repair center on (date). It was attended by (mechanic name). He did a great service and repair of the car but after few days, I again faced the same problem in my vehicle which shows that it was not repaired well.

Last Monday, I brought your my car to your shop and told your representative that the vents of the car are not working properly and it is defrosting again and again. The representative checked the vehicle completely and then confirmed the problem. He gave me a very fair bill of 150% which I agreed to pay.

Two days after that, the representative called me back and asked me to take my car back from the shop. I returned home with my car. After 2 or 3 days I noticed after two days that the defrosting is still there in my car.

I am very much disappointed by the service of your repair center as the problem appeared in the vehicle very soon again. I want you to refund my money to me completely or partially to me. I will be highly grateful if you contact me back soon after receiving my letter so that we can resolve this matter.


Your name


Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

Travelling by airline can be a very memorable time for many reasons. These reasons can be good as well bad such as bad service, mechanical problem in the plane, lost luggage or rude behavior of airline crew.

Sometimes you are required to write a letter to the airline in which you have traveled to let them know about your bad experience about the last flight. This letter has especially been designed to help you in writing the letter. You can lodge a complaint against any of your problems to the top management of the airline or to any other authority of the airline who has the responsibility to handle the transportation system of the airline. Here are some basic rules to draft a letter to the airline. These rules can be helpful for you to write a letter.

Always remember to add enclosure in the letter and write the enclosure in the end of the letter so that the reader can know that you have added an enclosure but if you do not have any enclosure, then simply remove the work ‘enclosure’ from the letter.

Your letter must be signed by you and also copy it before you send it to Airline Company. Write all the details related to you so that the airline company can know which passenger is facing the problem of non-serious behavior of crew member.

While writing letter, in fact any of letter, just follow the rule of KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Try to elaborate your problem clearly. Outline your problem in very simple points so that the airline system can understand your problem.

Also keep in mind few points while writing this letter. These few points are:

  1. Why are you lodging a complaint?
  2. What do you want the airline to do in response?
  3. Against which person or department you want to complaint


Sample Complaint Letter

Your Name,
Your Street Addresses,
(city, state, zip code)

January 25, 2016

Name of Recipient,
Designation of Recipient,
Name of Company,
Street Address,
(city, state, zip code)


Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to make you know about the extremely bad experience which I had while travelling through your airline. My flight from ABC to XYZ was full of disappointed. The flight was full of passengers and was very late and above all, your crew was not so cooperative. It was not so quick in providing the services to the passenger. I had to ask them a cup of tea more than twice. As, the journey was so long, and we needed a good crew staff, but it was not so friendly. I think that there should be some improvement in your crew so that, the passenger can enjoy their flight. Your response will be highly appreciated




Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

If you have lost your luggage in your flight and want to claim for it, then you are required to write a complaint letter to airline. No matter how much a travel airline is convenient, only a single fault can spoil the reputation of the company. So, it is important to tell the company about your dissatisfaction so that it can take necessary steps to rectify the problem.

Whenever there are failures, the airline company always tries to compensate the failure and all the losses which the customer has faced. But sometimes, the failures are not compensated instead they make the situation worse. In this situation, it is very important to write the letter to the higher authorities of the airline company to let them know about the problem and all those dissatisfaction which have been met. You can use online form to convey your message to the right people. It is good to explain your problem once to the right people rather telling number of times to irrelevant people. While writing the letter, keep few things in mind. These things are

  • Stay brief on any problem. Do not write long stories. The simpler your letter is the easier it will be to understand by the reader. Do not add anything irrelevant to it. Stick to the main point for which you are writing this letter.
  • Sometimes, the complaint letter which the airline company receives after 2 or 3 months is contrived by them. If you have any problem, just write it to the concerned people immediately.
  • Tell about your loss of luggage and also the cost of luggage that you have faced.
  • Don’t expect too much from the airline company but you can ask for enough.
  • Letter should be polite and there should be no touch of rudeness in the letter.
  • Always add the compliment in the letter.

Sample Complaint Letter

 Dear (name),

I have traveled from London to France through your flight (number) which arrived on (date) at (name of airport).

My luggage was to be checked all the way to the destination; (baggage tag number) has been completely lost. When I told (name of the member of ground staff) about my luggage, he said me to wait for 24 hours so that they can track my luggage and they he will inform me.

It has been one week now. I have called the same person several times but he still has no information about my baggage. I find it very rude and troublesome for me that such a big and popular company is failed to give the security to the luggage of the passengers. I have several items in my luggage which are priceless.

I hope that after reading my letter, you will take some immediate actions to track my luggage. I also expect some form of compensation from your company.

I would really appreciate it if you update me about my luggage as soon as possible.


Your name



Complaint Letter to Mortgage Company for Payment Problems

Human beings need someplace which they can call home, they need a place of shelter and in order to get that, there are two options. Either one can buy his or her own property and live in it or one could always rent a property and make it his or her house. The former method is highly common but it is a bit expensive. Regardless people want to have a place which is theirs and theirs only and they don’t want to live in the fear of being evacuated or evicted. This is why they set out to purchase their own property. Because this act is a bit expensive and no average man or woman has that kind of money just lying around, he or she needs to borrow it. Whenever a person needs to take a loan to make an expensive investment, he or she seeks to get mortgage from the bank or the mortgage company.

A mortgage allows a person to purchase the desired property by giving back or returning back money in fixed payments to the company or the bank. This practice of mortgage is being used all over the world and people that are seeking mortgages can choose a number of options. They can either have a steady interest rate or they can have a fixed one as well. Mortgages are given by banks to people who have come on top on a few of the banks criteria such as credit history, income and assets. The person who seeks mortgage needs to pay up on a monthly basis and if he fails to do so, the bank or the mortgage company can foreclose the property.

Complaint Letter to Mortgage Company for Payment Problems

As mentioned above, when an individual has applied for a mortgage, he or she needs to pay back the money on a monthly basis. But many times, an individual cannot do so due to various financial problems which may act as possible hurdles in paying back. In this case the mortgage company or bank needs to be informed so they don’t deem the individual as the defaulter and prevent any extreme actions. This can be done by writing a formal complaint letter.

Sample Complaint Letter


The Mortgage Company,
The City Bank, Main Branch,
Los Angeles LA 42354.

Date: 13th January 2016

Subject: Possible Payment Problems

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you can recall that I took a mortgage from your company over two years ago and have been paying all the payments on time. I am still willing to make all the payments on time but due to some financial issues on my side, I will be unable to make timely payments to the company. Due to these issues, it is my duty to inform you of possible payment problems and hence, I am writing this formal request letter to you to understand my situation and compensate me with delaying the payment schedule.

Kindly, consider my request and hopefully you will allow me to make payments after the deadline as well.


Account number:

Signature: ———————————


Complaint Letter to Travel

When you travel through any travel company then there can be a case that you become totally dissatisfied by the company and services provided by the company and you think to write a complaint letter to it. You must be able to write an effective letter in order to get a positive response.

A good structured letter can help the readers to understand the writer. If you will outline your problem in the letter in a clear cut manner and use a simple strategy like bullets to convey your message to the travel and tourism company then they will be able to understand your problem very quickly and they will resolve it.

Letter should not be too long and it should not contain any extra irrelevant information. The simpler you write, the easier it will be to read by the recipient.  Always put yourself in the position of the recipient while writing and then anticipate their understanding.

If you have included any enclosure in the letter then write the word ‘’enclosure’’ at the end of the letter and if you do not have any enclosure, then simply remove this enclosure from the end of the letter.

Before writing your problem in the letter, first of all introduce yourself completely so that the company can know your booking with them. Tell them in detail that who you are and also tell them your booking number. This will be very helpful for them to retrieve your booking details. Never start your letter with any negative remarks.  Always appreciate the company for its services which it has provided to you and then you can gradually come up to your problem. Do mention your contact details, so that the company can contact you for further information.

Sample Complaint Letter


Your Address,
Company Address

Respected Sir/ madam,

Reference (booking number)

I am writing this letter to you to let you know about my very unsatisfactory experience as a member of your (Tour No.) which traveled from (source of tour) from (destination of tour) on (date of tour).

I went to New York on 23rd January and returned on 28th January. It was a worst tour of my life as I had so many problems in my journey.

The first problem was delaying of flight. I hoped to reach the hotel at 5PM but I reached there at 11 pm. I lost a big business deal because of being late. Secondly, the hotel was also against the expectations. I was expecting the hotel to be in a calm place and will have a very peaceful environment as I read it in your brochure but I was disappointed to see that it was so noisy and was located in the center of the city. Despite of booking for all inclusive, I had to pay for dinner. I request you to refund the half of total cost of the tour. Your quick response will be highly appreciated.


Your name