Construction Schedule Templates

Allow me to share with you these user-friendly Free Construction Schedule Templates using MS Word and MS Excel. Anyone can use these free templates to understand their format and then prepare their own construction schedule quickly.

Construction is one of the fields of work where uncertainty is always possible and even if you don’t see it happening, there might be a few surprises for you. There are luckily many ways to ensure that you don’t encounter deadly surprises along the way and one of them is creating a construction schedule. It’s almost similar to having a project execution plan because it outlines how the construction will be done when it will be done, and how much time each part of the project will take to complete.

Importance of Construction Schedule:

It helps declare project completion:

One of the key reasons for a dispute between a client and a construction company is not completing a project on time. This is more common than you can think. With the help of a construction schedule, you can almost exactly estimate how much time it will take you to complete the project and if the client allows that much time for the execution. If there is not enough time, you can just notify the client and ask for an extension or leave the project to avoid disputes and penalties.

It helps coordination among team members:

When there is a specific schedule in place before the construction project begins, it helps get all of the team members and stakeholders on the same page. Not only that the team members can easily understand their roles and responsibilities but other stakeholders i.e. sub-contractors can also get to know the project planning and execution more clearly.

It helps manage resources and manpower:

With the construction schedule operational, it’s a piece of cake to manage resources and manpower. It’s not uncommon in construction projects to realize that you need some material urgently or if there is an important task, you need extra manpower to complete it on time. These surprises can cause delays which are eliminated by the schedule. Also, with the schedule shared with the client before execution, financial transactions can be agreed upon easily.

It eliminates delays and pauses:

Delay in a construction project can be very serious because every portion of the project depends on at least 1-2 of the other parts. If there is any problem with the execution of a project part, it can delay the overall execution or put a dent in the contractor’s budget. A construction schedule helps eliminate these surprise delays and problems along the way.

It explains when the help of the client is needed:

There are many times when the client or customer has to step in and help out the contractor. These times often come as a surprise when there is no schedule for construction. A better approach to excellent execution is to write down the times when the help of the client might be necessary so he understands his part in the project and won’t be surprised at the time.

A construction schedule during bidding can get you the project:

It is a very common practice of clients that before giving their project to any construction company, they ask for biddings and proposals. With these biddings, the client estimates which applicant has better credentials and can perform better with a limited budget as compared to others. In this scenario, producing a construction schedule along with the bidding documents can increase your chances of getting the project. Seeing a construction schedule might allow the client to realize that you have thought this through and that you know exactly how the project should be executed.

Free Construction Schedule Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Free Construction Schedule Templates prepared using MS Excel and MS Word.

construction schedule template 01.

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construction schedule template 02.

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construction schedule template 03.

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