Eviction Notice Templates

An eviction notice is a written form by a landlord or property holder to a tenant or occupant to leave and vacate the property in a given period. It also can be written by tenants if they want to vacate a house or property in a specific time frame.

The purpose or use of the eviction notice form is just to inform the tenant to vacate the property in a given time to make it easy to find another place. Sometimes it is difficult to afford unbearable tenants who are troublesome in paying rent and making your property dirty or damaging your property without maintaining it.

Importance of Eviction Notice Form

Some states offer a rule in which one can vacate the property without any reason by just giving 3 days eviction notice form. And you can vacate them without notifying them if they violate the rules and law and involve in illegal acts. Some landlords give an average time of 30 days for tenants to evict. This period is normally used all over the world so that tenants find it easy to search for another place. This notice can be modified or canceled within 30 days as it gives time to both to think about their taken decision or make any negotiation between them. Mostly landlord has more rights than the tenant to vacate their property or keep them easy for the tenant to pay on time when they feel easy.

Eviction notice form is important because of its frequent and wide use by every country and region. On other hand some countries act discriminatory in this matter, due to different race and caste, they may only rent their property to people of their race and culture or vacates without any reason or by giving any excuse.

Eviction Notices to Tenants

An eviction notice is also given by tenants to the landlord to inform them of their intention to move or vacate. It is a kind of agreement and should be fulfilled on time but amendments can be done before the deadline.

If you are intended to write an eviction notice, here are some guidelines for a simple and useful notice.

Start with the name and contact of the landlord and tenants, or to whom this notice or for.

Then briefly specify the purpose of the eviction notice form in a subject line. Any reason you have to vacate or requesting to vacate? A specific reason should be written in a line or two.

The body of the eviction notice form should describe the deadline and time frame in which one has to vacate and any payments or charges left to give in a fixed time.

Also discuss the final deposits, any belongings, and the date when keys are to be handed over.

This notice is filled by the person who wants to vacate, either tenant or landlord. Whoever is intended to fill out the form must follow the above guidelines and study the use of this form.

One thing should keep in mind is that if your tenants are involved in some criminal act, you should involve the court to favor you about the violation of tenants.

Free Eviction Notice Templates in MS Word

Check out these Free Eviction Notice Samples in MS Word format.

eviction notice template 1.

Download Template

eviction notice template 2.

You can download this eviction notice template 01 in MS Word format from the link below.

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