Fitness Schedule Templates

Physical training or exercise is something that we usually ignore. Possibility is that you are also one of those who don’t exercise on regular basis and even if you exercise, there must be many people around you who don’t do exercise. Many studies show that when asked, people usually reply that they don’t have time for exercise or they have strict work routine and usually return to home late at night. If we dig deeper, we find out that these same people can always find time to watch television, go out for movies or attend a concert. This indicates towards the fact that lack of motivation and fear of physical activity or even low self esteem are the key causes behind no exercise routines. An exercise schedule sheet is a very effective and useful tool to keep you motivated and exercise on regular basis.

Key elements of a Fitness Schedule Sheet:

  1. Details of the individual:
    The name of the person who is creating the fitness schedule should appear at the top of the chart. There should be some space to mention the date on which the individual started exercise routine. This date will later help track progress or achievement of goals. This part of the schedule should also include physical details of the individual i.e. their weight, BMI, height, average blood pressure, age and gender.
  2. Name of the trainer if applicable:
    In case the individual is getting professional assistance from a physical trainer, his name should also appear on the exercise schedule sheet.
  3. Expected or actual requirements:
    This part should have all the details for preparing the exercise schedule. Some people might need to lose weight with exercise where some would try to build muscles or upper body strength. Each individual has their own goals in minds when it comes to exercise. Either you want to control your blood pressure with walking in the morning or you are trying to lose weight with workout routines, the specific needs and requirements should be mentioned on the exercise schedule sheet.
  4. List of goals to achieve:
    Once the requirements or reasons of exercise are clear, it’s not difficult to understand what the individual wants to achieve through exercise. For instance, if you are obese, you would want to lose weight and in the goal section of the fitness schedule sheet, you will write, lose at least 10kgs in 8 weeks. Some might have the goal of bench-marking 100kgs after 3 months in their minds.
  5. Selected workout routines for your goals:
    Either you hire a professional trainer or just exercise what you like; you need to specifically mention the exercises on the schedule sheet. It can be something very simple like jogging or walking in the park and it can be a challenging activity as well i.e. rock wall climbing, push ups or head stand. The duration of each workout routine should be mentioned here as well. If you want to make this portion explanatory, it should also include suggested sets of each exercise and expected calorie burn.
  6. Specific time period for each day to perform exercise:
  7. This is the final part of an exercise schedule sheet and this is where you divide available time for each exercise. It doesn’t matter how much time you can find each day but it’s important to spend it doing the right exercise that suits your requirements and goals. Possibility is that there will be more than 1 exercise that you want to do which means allocation of time for each workout routine should be mentioned clearly in the fitness schedule sheet.

Free Fitness Schedule Templates

Here is our first Fitness Schedule Template or Fitness Goal Sheet prepared in MS Excel format.

Fitness Schedule Template 01

It contains three Worksheets: General Fitness Goals, Diet Goals and Exercise Plan. Checkout there previews bellow:

Fitness Schedule Template 01 Diet Goals

Here is preview of the Exercise Plan and Goals list worksheet.

Fitness Schedule Template 01 Exercise Goals

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If you want to explore more choices then review the following Fitness Schedule Template in MS Excel.

Fitness Schedule Template 02

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Still want to see more Fitness Sheets? Here is another professional Fitness Tracker or Schedule worksheet to assist you in your weight loss goals.


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Practical uses of Fitness Schedule Sheet:

The first and most important use of a fitness schedule sheet is obviously to allocate available time effectively for each exercise. For instance, you can only get 2 hours of spare time each day for exercise which means you need to divide these 120 minutes according to each exercise. You can use the schedule to allocate 10 minutes for warm up, 20 minutes of running on the treadmill at slow speed and next 20 minutes on medium speed. This way all the workout routines can be divided into categories for available time.

Another important use of the exercise schedule sheet is to keep track of your goals and achievements. With the use of this sheet, you don’t need to remember what your weight was when you started doing exercise, how it decreased each week and what your current weight is and how far you need to go to achieve your ideal weight. This schedule sheet will help you keep track of all the important mile stones as well.

Using the exercise schedule to keep you motivated and see areas of improvement is also an important use. With this sheet you track your daily exercise routine and every week, you can check it to see if you are following the right process or if there are no improvements in your physical health which will indicate to adding more time to exercise routines or changing them entirely for achieving required goals.