Flat Stanley Letters

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There are many projects that you can adopt or implement for your kid to learn about stuff and one of them is the Flat Stanley project. This project was developed by a Canadian school teacher and it’s based on a popular kid’s book from 1964. The book tells the story of a boy who was crushed by a billboard and flattened. Then his parents picked him up, rolled him, and sent him to their relatives in another city by post. The flat Stanley letter is based on this interesting story where students are provided with cutouts of flat Stanley and they are asked to color it the way they want him. Then the students are asked to send it to their relatives in other cities or countries. The basic theory here is that the receiver of the letter will take the paper cutout with them to work or popular places around them and take pictures. These pictures are then sent back to the students and they can add them to the list of destinations that flat Stanley has traveled to. In a way, this project develops learning capabilities in kids and focuses their interest in learning about different cultures and it also develops an interest to travel in kids as well.

Uses and importance of flat Stanley letters:

Kindergarten teachers understand the difficulty of developing the interest of kids in some projects and as a parent, you should be able to associate yourself with the situation where you want your child to learn quickly but he seems to follow a slightly slower path to learning. Kids learn in their ways. At some moment, they take interest in one thing and suddenly something else catches their attention. Sometimes it’s really interesting to see what common objects the kids find enjoyable. Many parents share a funny story that they bought an expensive toy for their child and he put it aside and started playing with the box that the gift came in. It’s a little difficult but not impossible to develop a sense of learning in small kids.

Flat Stanley letters are just one of the many techniques developed for kindergarten kids so they take interest in traveling and learning about various cultures and the lives of people in other countries. It’s interesting to see that when a child sends out a flat Staley letter and then he receives the reply with pictures of him traveling to work with someone or visiting a famous place in another country, kids learn about it quickly. For instance, if you ask your child to learn about the Eifel tower, they might think it’s boring or won’t be able to remember all details but if you ask them to send out a flat Stanley letter to their aunt living in Paris and ask her to take pictures of Stanley in front of the Eifel tower, they will find it interesting to see those pictures and learn about important stuff of Eifel tower.

Free Flat Stanley Letters

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Key Elements of a Flat Stanley Letter:

Asking Kids to Design their Flat Stanley:

As a teacher or parent, you can either make a cutout of a flat Stanley from regular paper or cardboard because it’s durable. Then, you should give the flat Stanley to the kids and ask them to color it. They should be allowed to color it the way they want so he appears exactly how they want him to be. Most kids color flat Stanley with the colors that they wear most often.

Making a list of their Distant Relatives:

Then you should help the kids by telling them about their relatives living in different cities or countries and the interesting places that they can take flat Stanley to. For instance, you might have an uncle living in Dubai so you can ask your child to send the letter to him and he will take flat Stanley to famous landmarks of Dubai.

Preparing the Flat Stanley Letters and Posting them:

Once flat Stanley is prepared and it’s decided who will receive it, then it’s time for kids to write the letter. Usually, the letter is written on the back of the cutout flat Stanley and it includes a little background of where he came from, what he likes, and what he wants to see. You can ask your child to add the names of famous places that they want flat Stanley to visit during his traveling.

Instructions for the Receiver of the Letters:

You should guide your kids to give instructions to the receiver of the letter and ask them to write these instructions on the back of the letter. Some of these instructions include; the things that flat Stanley finds interesting, how he wants to appear in photos, the history of each landmark that he visits during his trip, and how you want them to send it back to you i.e. via email or by post.

Getting the Reply of Letters and Adding it to the Diary:

Once kids start receiving back their flat Stanley letters, they should prepare a journal where they write about the destination that he visited, the important stuff that he learned along the way, and photos of him. These details should be sent by the person who took the flat Stanley to a famous destination and took pictures of him.