Housewarming Invitation Templates

Download the Free Housewarming Invitation Template using MS Word to assist you in preparing your very own Housewarming Invitation Designs quickly and easily.

Some people take it casually while some make a big fuss about it but one thing is for sure when you move into a new home, this is a pretty exciting time for the entire family. Surely the kids will miss their old home and neighborhood and friends but they will also be excited to see what surprises the new house has for them. Couples especially parents who move into a new house understand how important it is to get to know the neighbors and have good friendships with them. People organize housewarming parties for this purpose and to introduce themselves to their neighbors. They invite a bunch of their friends and family members and their neighbors and they sit together, eat and drink while getting to know each other better. A housewarming party is the first impression of your family in a new neighborhood so, it’s preferred to send formal invitation letters to the guests.

Free Housewarming Invitation Templates

Here is the preview and download link for the Free Housewarming Invitation Template to help you out.

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Guidelines for Modern Design of Housewarming Invitation:

First thing first, confirm if you Need One: 

You will be amazed to find how many people go through the trouble of designing an invitation letter and later they realize they didn’t need it. Whether they have just a couple of friends to invite to a party or simply don’t have the budget to get expensive invitation letters, there can be multiple reasons to skip printing them at the last moment. This makes it more crucial to evaluate your situation and make up your mind about the invitation letters. If it’s helpful, you can make a pro and con list and evaluate the results.

Check Out Some Samples to Get Inspiration: 

Now that you have finally made up your mind to get the invitation letters, it’s time to design one. If you have designed these invitation letters in the past, this is not a hard job for you but if it’s your first time, maybe getting some assistance or help isn’t so bad. The easiest thing here is to go online and see readymade housewarming invitation letters. These designs are available free of cost for general use so you can check these out and see if a particular design inspires you. If you find a suitable design, you have the option to either use the design or create one yourself.

Select the Suitable Design and Add Content: 

From common photocopy paper to cardboard flyers to wood engraved pieces, the choices for getting an invitation letter printed are practically limitless. Some people find it interesting and personal to spend time and consider designing an invitation letter that portrays the event’s overall theme and gives certain expectations to the guests about the party. This is why people choose to match the design of the invitation letter with the theme of the party they have. The selection and choice of the invitation letter are up to you. Once the design is finalized, you just need to include relevant material i.e. photos, graphics, colors, and written content on the design.

Decide How to Send the Invitations: 

With the internet at our convenience and a smartphone or laptop under our fingers all the time, people prefer sending digital invites i.e. digital housewarming invitation letters. You might find it impersonal or inappropriate but sending a digital invitation via email is far better than spending hundreds of dollars on actual invitation letters and then spending some more to send these via courier service. After you have the perfect design for your housewarming party, the only decision left is to decide how you want to send the invites.

Make a List of Guests to Print Enough Invitations: 

In the last step when you have downloaded or completed the final design of the housewarming invitation letter, it’s time to make a list of all the guests that you want to invite to the party. In particular, in cases when hosts will invite less than 10 or 20 people, they can easily remember each guest’s name but when you want to invite up to 50 people to the party, it’s not easy to remember their names but you need to make a list. Once the list is final and you count the guests, you know how many of the invitations you want to print.


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