Organization Charts or Organogram Templates

We have created these 8+ Free Organization Charts or Organogram Templates to assist our website visitors in creating their own Organization Chart easily.

How many times it happened to you that you didn’t know who everyone was when you start a new job or how many of the new employees thought that you were a visitor just because you weren’t wearing your office ID. In order to address this issue and inform all of the employees especially newly hired employees and those who don’t actually come to the office and work remotely, an organization chart is created. This chart includes names, designations and pictures of all of the employees who work in the company including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, executives, directors and senior partners. On one hand, this chart shows the hierarchy of the organization explaining who reports to who and who is in charge of which team where on the other hand, it also allows the newly hired employees to quickly learn about the basic infrastructure and management of the organization.

Organogram Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Free Organogram Templates prepared using MS Word.

organogram template 01

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organogram template 02

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organogram template 03

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organogram template 04

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organogram template 05

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organogram template 06

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organogram template 07

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organogram template 08

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Guidelines to Create an Organization Chart:

Understand the Basics:

Before you create the organization chart, you should first understand why you want to create it in the first place. You might have heard it somewhere and it made you create the same chart for your organization but there are particular uses and purposes of these charts and if you are not going to fulfill its purpose, you should save yourself some trouble. On the contrary, if you are sure that you need the chart, you should understand the basics i.e. types, methods and different ways to create the chart.

Select a Particular Type of Chart:

When it comes to organization charts, it seems that all this chart has is the names of the employees, executives and owners of the company but that’s not all. The document might seem simple but the features that it presents make it a very valuable piece of information. That’s why there are various types of organization charts including; functional top down chart, divisional structure chart, matrix chart and flat chart. The information that is presented in the organization chart might be the same but it’s presented in a different manner to suit a different purpose.

Decide if you Want to Use a Template:

There are readymade templates available online if you want to use an organization chart template. You might find it difficult but even with their complications and creative designs and themes, most of the templates are free of cost. There are some websites that offer the professional looking templates in exchange of money but those are very high quality charts that only multinational corporations use. For a small town domestic company, you can just use the free template of organization chart. If you want, you can use a template or you can create your own chart using MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Enlist names with Designations and find Pictures:

On either type of organization chart, there are basically three elements; name of the employee, his designation and his picture. While you are creating the chart, you should first gather the information that will go on the chart. Start with the name of the CEO of the company along with his or her picture and then move to senior executives and top managers. Gradually keep going one level down until you reach the most basic employees of the company i.e. genitor. With each name, designation should be written along with name of the department in some cases and picture of the employee to be put on the chart.

Add the Information and Finalize the Chart:

After you have got all the information and material, there is nothing difficult left except to add the text and pictures on the chart. You should start with the highest level of employees or partners in the company and gradually keep getting 1 level down to include each and everyone in the company. After the chart is completed, review it briefly so if there is any mistake or some information missing, you can easily amend the chart.