Sample Permission Letters

Study these 10 Free Sample Permission Letters to understand language and wording used in different types of Permission Letters.

Child Travel Permission Letter

When an underage kid or a child is traveling with a person who is not either of his or her parents, the State and the Immigration Department may need the consent of the actual parents of the child for the travelling in order to make sure that they have allowed the child to travel with another person. Care Taker who wants to take an underage kid on a journey may need to ask Permission from the real parents of the child and when he is at the airport; he will need to present the written and signed consent of the parents of the child. This Consent is known as the Child Travel Permission Letter.

Brief Description of Child Travel Permission Letter:

As compared to adults and old people, it is very easy to Manipulate underage kids and just to make sure that the kids are safe and there is no harm done to them, most of the countries around the world require Consent Letter from the parents if you are not traveling with your own child. If you are a guardian or a care taker, you need to ask permission to both of the parents of the child and present their signed Permission Letter at the airport. On the other hand, if you are traveling with your own child but your Spouse is not with you, you also need to present a Signed Consent from him or her showing that your spouse has allowed you to travel with your child without the other parent.

Without this Letter, it is not possible for anyone to travel out of the country with an underage child even if it’s the actual parent of the child who is traveling with him. As a care taker, there are several different situations when you need to travel with a  child who is under your supervision as allowed by his or her parents but you can’t just decide to travel with them and buy them a seat on the airplane. For traveling abroad, you need to inform the Parents of the child and ask for their Permission. If they agree, they will write you a Permission Letter and you need to present this letter at the airport.

Sample Child Travel Permission Letter


Date: 27 August 2015


My dear Cathy,

I received your email yesterday and I found out that your brother is in critical condition at San Diego National hospital. I am really sorry about that. I know you feel to be with your family right now and your mother and father would also like you to be with them in this difficult time.

You requested me to allow you to travel with Adam to San Diego in order to be with your family but because Adam is underage, he can’t travel without our Permission Consent. So, please consider this letter as my permission for taking Adam with you on this trip. I have talked to Sam and he also agrees with me so you have permission from both of us.

Please make sure you take asthma medicine for Adam with you and don’t forget to call me when you land in San Diego tomorrow. Take care of yourself and Adam.


Sam Forman & Amy Forman


Copyright Permission Letter

In order to use a Copyrighted Material i.e. a book, song or video for your own reasons, you need to contact the owner of the material and ask for his or her Permission. Suppose, you are writing a research paper for your college and you want to use Already Researched content in the paper. Before doing so, you need to send the Request Letter to the actual author of the research, explain why and for what purpose you want to use the material and ask for his permission. Once you get the Permission Letter in return, you can use the copyrighted material for the purposes you explained in the request letter.

Brief Description of Copyright Permission Letter:

If you want to use, produce, republish, print or distribute some content that is Registered as Copyrighted and the owner or the publisher owns these rights, you need to ask for the permission to the Authorized Person before doing any of the above mentioned. This is because the basic rule of copyright registration is that the actual owner has all the rights and without his or her consent, no one can use the copyrighted material in any form.

The Permission Letter for Copyrights is a very common letter and it is a formal letter. In this Letter, you address to the specific person who owns the Copyrights to the registered material and by providing the purpose for the use of the material, you ask for the written consent from the owner. If the owner agrees with you, he or she will send you a Permission Letter in return with their signed consent of allowing you to use the Copyrighted Material for the purpose you explained in the request letter. Keep in mind that in this letter, you need to address a specific person (the person who is the owner of the copyrighted material).

Sample Copyright Permission Letter


Katherine Horton,
Phil student,
Berkley University


Janine Morgan,
Scholar and researcher

Date: 17 August 2015

Subject: Copyright Permission Letter


Dear Mrs. Morgan,

As I have introduced myself, I am a student of M. Phil at Berkley University and as my final semester is about to end, I have to submit a final research paper in the class. The thesis that I am working on relates to role of America in Middle East and Asia and I have to appreciate your efforts on this subject because there is no Research Paper on this topic better than yours.

As the part of my thesis, I have to include some content from a well known and published author and I have chosen you. I didn’t know how to contact you so I talked to your publisher and he mentioned that this research paper is copyright protected. This means that if I want to use it in the thesis paper, I have to ask for your permission and this is what I am doing with this letter.

I need to use your research paper from page 45 to 47 in my thesis and I won’t change anything and will publish as it is. Also, at the end, I will give credit to you and your efforts on this research. Kindly grant me the Permission to use the above mentioned part of your research paper.

I hope I will hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Horton


Doctor Permission Letter

If a patient or underage child wants to travel out of the state or country while they have a Medical Condition that is known to get severe sometimes, it is required for that person to present written consent from their physician or doctor allowing them to travel to their destination. If you want to travel with your child who is medically ill or you are the actual patient, you need to write this Permission Request Letter to your doctor and after explaining the reasons for traveling out of the country, you ask for his or her permission. In return, if the doctor thinks you can travel or visit abroad, he will write you a Permission Letter allowing you to go on the trip.

Brief Description of Doctor Permission Letter:

When you or one of your children have a Medical Condition, you need to contact with your physician before making any choices that can affect the condition somehow i.e. you have heart problem and you want to travel to another country for a business meeting, before confirming your ticket, you need to contact with your doctor and explain your situation to him. If he thinks your condition is stable enough, he will allow you to travel.

In return of your Request, the doctor will write you a Permission Letter in which he not only gives his written consent but also explains your medical condition so that if there is some kind of emergency, the doctors in the other country can contact him and consult with him regarding your condition. In specific situations i.e. particular illnesses, the doctors also provide their Recommendations and Guidelines to their patients regarding their condition and the travel or destination arrangements i.e. in case of asthma, the doctor can provide Environmental Conditions of the destination so that the patient can take Precautions during the travel.

Sample Doctor Permission Letter


George Kinsley,
84, 5th street, Broadway,
New York, NY 94833.


Dr. Joseph M. Ralph,
General Physician,
National Hospital New York.

Date: 23 August, 2015

Subject: Permission Letter for Traveling Abroad


Dear Mr. Ralph,

As you remember my son David is a patient of stomach ulcer and he is in treatment under your supervision. In the previous checkup last week, you strictly ordered that no matter what the situation is, we are not allowed to take him outside the country because of the severity of his condition. I am here to talk about that.

Yesterday my Mother passed away. She was a lovely person and David was very close to her. She lives in Australia and we have to go there for funeral and David is insisting of going with us. I told him that you told us not to take him on a flight but he is a tough little kid and he won’t listen to me or his mother.

We simply don’t have enough potential to deal with his stubbornness in this difficult time and so, I decided to talk about it with you and see if you can allow him to travel with us for 3 days. I hope you will understand the situation and will think of some way to allow David to go with us. I am waiting for your reply or your Permission to take him with us.

Yours sincerely,

George Kinsley


Field Trip Permission Letter

A letter that allows an individual employee or a team of employees to conduct a field trip is known as the Field Trip Permission Letter. Just like a school field trip when the teacher is required to ask the head of the institution for the permission of a Study related field trip, the employees of a company are also required to ask for Permission before conducting any kind of research outside the organization. The permission is given to the employees with this Confirmation Letter. Content of this letter depends on each particular situation but the most important element of this letter is the Signed Consent by the Administration allowing the employee(s) to conduct a research in the field.

Brief description of Field Trip Permission Letter:

It doesn’t matter how old are you or how expert you are because learning never ends. For this purpose, companies and organizations around the world have a process of conducting different kinds of Career Development Opportunities for their employees. This includes Educational Seminars, Training Sessions and Field Trips for corporate purposes. If the organization decides to send a team of Professional Experts on a field trip so that they can learn how another company works and if they can make their own organization better, a Notification is released.

On the other hand, if head of the department or a Manager in the company feels that his or her team members can learn something new on a field trip, he applies for the Permission. In the application, it is required to include the names of the employees who will go on the field trip along with the purpose of the trip. If it’s accepted by the organization, Confirmation or Permission Letter will be issued. Along with the Confirmation, the Guidelines and Instructions are also included in the letter for the convenience of the employees.

Sample Field Trip Permission Letter


Amelia Jeremy,
Analysis and Research Manager,
International Union trade Pvt. Ltd.


Lindsey Koran,
Human Resource Department,
International Union trade Pvt. Ltd.


Date: 22 August 2015

Subject: Request for Official Field Trip


Dear Mrs. Koran,

It’s been a few days since my team is discussing that we can’t get the current facts on the trends and habits of customers in local market on the internet. You can understand how important it is for us to find out the actual figures and facts on this topic as our entire Organizational Behavior depends on it. As a solution, we decided to go on a field trip in the market and interact with the customers and marketers by conducting a survey.

This survey will include simple questionnaire about what customers think before planning a shopping list and how they prioritize the items on the shopping list. We have done initial paper work on this research and I have decided to take Mr. Joseph, Mr. Brad, and Mrs. Salina and Ms. Camellia who is an intern, with us. I am writing this letter to send you an Official Request for approving this field trip. Please note that during this survey, I and the above mentioned employees won’t be able to come in office so please take care of that. If agreeing, you will need to make arrangement for 5 days in the next week.

Yours sincerely,

Amelia Jeremy,
Analysis and Research Manager


Medical Leave Permission Letter

This is the Permission Letter that is sent by the employees of a company to the administration or management in order to approve a paid or non-paid Medical Leave. Usually when an employee wants to take a day of, there is no need for such permission letter as most of the companies allow their employees to take 1 or 2 personal days during the month but when you need to take more than 2 days off of work, you need to inform the Appropriate Authorities in your company and ask for their permission. This can be a paid leave or non-paid depending on the situation. If the administration agrees, they will send a Permission Letter in return. The employee will need to submit or present this permission letter to the HOD or their Supervisor.

Brief Description of Medical Leave Permission Letter:

There are many situations when a person has to take some days off of work. If you are one of those who want to take a few vacations from work, no matter on what position you work, you will need to send a Formal Application in the HR Department and ask them to approve your planning. This also includes medical leaves and when your doctor recommends you to take rest for few days; you should formally inform your supervisor and HR about the situation and ask them to approve your medical leave.  For females, it’s mostly the maternity leave usually 1 week before the expected delivery date and up to 1 month after the birth of their child. If you want to find out if you will get paid during the leave or not, you need to ask this in the Permission Request Letter. The letter that you will receive from the administration or management of your company will also include the details of your salary situation for your days off of work.

Sample Medical Leave Permission Letter


Timothy L. Parker,
Production Supervisor,
Volkswagen Motors International,



Karen M. Buckley


Date: 17 August 2015

Subject: Request for Medical Leave


Dear Mrs. Buckley,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your promotion and I hope you are planning a party for your workmates very soon as we all are waiting for congratulating you. But, it’s not the only thing I am here to talk about.

I am working in this company for more than 5 years and as I love my job a lot, I have never taken a sick day off of work as my plan was to live to work but that planned has back fired as I am having Chronic Back Pain problem. I never thought I would see a doctor just because I spend too much time on my job but as it turned out, I had to do it. After a detailed diagnosis, my Physician advised me that I am having this problem because of my work schedule and Recommended that if I don’t want it to get very severe, I have to take a couple of weeks off of work. I have attached doctor’s report with this Request Letter and I would like you to process my application for a Medical Leave of 5 weeks starting next week. I am waiting to hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy L. Parker,
Production Supervisor


Parental Permission Letter

Most of the countries around the world have the rule that asks the underage children to provide their parents’ Permission Letter if they want to travel out of the state or abroad. It is one of the most common Permission Letters. With this letter, the parents sign the consent that they are allowing their kid(s) to travel abroad along with the specific reason for the traveling i.e. studies, visit, vacation etc.

Brief description of Parental Permission Letter (for Studies):

As an underage kid, if you want to travel abroad for study purposes, you need to ask your parents or legal guardians to give you written Permission for your travel. In your own country and the country where you will travel, there are several departments that will require this Letter. Starting with your own country, when you apply for the visa for another country, the Embassy will ask you to provide Written Consent from your parents that in fact, is the Permission Letter allowing you to visit for study purposes. When you apply for enrollment in a college or university in another country, the administration will also ask you to provide the Permission Letter before the registration. At the airport, the airport employees will also ask you to present the same Parental Permission Letter for studies.

This is a simple and very Formal Letter where the parents of a child will state that they support the study trip of their child and they have arranged for his or her stay in the other country. It is not required but if you have a relative in the country you want to go for studies, you can ask him to write you a Sponsor Letter in which he will state that you are going to stay with him and he will support you financially during your stay there.

Sample Parental Permission Letter for Studies

My dear Cecilia,

I hope you are fine and doing very good in your school. Yesterday I received your letter and found out that you want to take extra classes in Oxford University for additional credit. I have also taken a look at the Recommendation from your teachers regarding these extra classes and the Permission Letter from your Principal is also in front of me. Letting you stay in New York for studies is hard as it is and now you are saying that you have to go to England for 2 months. It means you won’t be around for Christmas this year and it’s just not making me very happy but I can also understand that this is a very good opportunity for your Educational Career.

So, I and your father decided to not let anything come between you and an excellent career ahead of you and for that, we are giving you our Permission to go on this trip. I have talked to your aunt Melissa in London and have made the arrangements for your stay. I know you told us that you can stay in the University Sorority house but we would like you to stay with your aunt during this trip. She is very happy that her favorite niece is coming to stay with her for 2 months and she is looking forward to hear from you. Please call her and inform her about the flight arrangements so that she can pick you up at the airport. We wish you a very happy and safe trip.


Mr. and Mrs. Foreman


Permission Letter for Industry Visit

Whether you are the owner of an industry and want to visit a Manufacturing Unit abroad for professional and corporate purposes, or as a teacher you want to take your students on a visit to an industrial plant, you need to seek the Permission of the Administration of the industry before making any plans. Once the administration or management understands your purpose of visit and agree with it, they will send you an Acceptance Letter in return. The Permission Letter for industry visit is a formal request letter in which you explain who you are, why you want to visit the industry, what kind of Information you will require during the visit and who will accompany you during the tour.

Brief description of Permission Letter for Industry Visit:

As a teacher you can understand that when there are no books, it’s not possible for the students to Learn what you want them to understand but the better understanding comes from practical work. This means that if you teach an engineering class and want them to understand how an industry works and what happens inside a Manufacturing Unit, the books will help to a limit and outside that, it’s just imagination unless you take your students to an actual industry and show them what they are reading in the books. Once you get the Permission Letter for Industry Visit, you can present it to the parents of the students in order to get their permission (i.e. in case the students are underage) along with getting permission from the administration of the school and providing purpose of travel on the airport.

Sample Permission Letter for Industry Visit


Michelle Dobson,
Executive Manager,
High Tech International,
173 Careening Drive, Manhattan,
New York, NY 937471.


Robert William,
Manager HR


Date: 12 August 2015

Subject: Request for Official Industry Visit


Dear Mr. Williams,

As you know our new CEO is making a lot of changes in this organization and there are major alterations coming in a few weeks. As one of the most senior employees of this company, he has made me the in charge of research and analysis and asked me to gather a team of five other employees and conduct surveys and field trips for planning new strategies and guidelines for the company.

For that purpose, I have decided to take my team to an Official Visit to China. As one of the most important nations in the world and a well growing Economic County, we all agreed that if we want to change how things work in this company, we have to visit the similar companies in China and see how they operate and work. For that, I am planning a 1 month visit to China with five of my team members.

I have attached the names of the employees who will accompany me on this trip along with their written and signed consents. Kindly process my application as soon as possible and I would also like you to contact to our representative in China and ask him to make arrangements for our Official Visit in a few companies in there.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Dobson,
Executive Manager


Permission Request Letter

There are many situations when you need to use a copyrighted material for your personal purposes i.e. teaching or presenting research thesis. Before doing so, you need to make sure that the actual author or owner of the Copyrighted Material allows the use of his or her Intellectual Property. If yes, find out what the guidelines are for the use of the property and if the owner doesn’t allow any kind of copy or use of the material, you need to ask for their Permission. This is done with the formal Permission Request Letter.

Brief description of Permission Request Letter:

The basic idea behind getting copyrights for intellectual property is that without the permission and consent of the owner, no one can use it. This includes dozens of types of intellectual properties i.e. books, research papers, theories, quotes, songs and videos. If you want to use such material for your personal reasons, you need to go through specific criteria in order to make sure you have the right or permission to do so. This starts with the basic understanding of the fact that the owner of the property has in fact the copyrights of the material and he prohibits others from using it. In the Permission Request Letter, you should address the specific person and explain why you want to use the Copyrighted Material and to what limits you want to use it. If the owner agrees with you, he will write you a Permission Consent Letter or if he wants to negotiate on the rules for the use of the material, he will inform you about that too in the reply.

Sample Permission Request Letter


Frank Smith,
124 Broadway 2nd street,
New York, NY 53432.


Thomas Clemton ,
Author, Self Publisher


Date: 26 August, 2015

Subject: Request for Publishing Your Book


Dear Mr. Charlie,

I would like to congratulate you on your book ’10 Days in Paris’. I know it’s been a while but this congratulation is long overdue and my apologies for that. This is one of the books that just caught my attention and I couldn’t keep myself from finishing it in one session. The style of your writing and how you describe things in your own way fascinates me.

I wanted to give this book to one of my friends on his birthday and as I asked for it in the book shop yesterday, the shopkeeper told me that the First Edition of this book is sold out and the publisher has decided not to continue it. It was quite a bad news for me but then I thought of an interesting thing; I am a publisher and I should ask for your Permission to publish Second Edition of this book.

I have attached my Credentials and Official Portfolio with this letter and I would like you to take a look at it and consider my request. I hope you will understand how much I will appreciate if you allow me to publish your book for second edition. I hope to hear from you very soon.


Yours sincerely,

Frank Smith


Student Permission Letter

As a student, if you want to leave your current school of education and attend extra classes in another school during the educational session, you are required to inform the administration of the school and ask for their Permission before you make any plans. If the administration agrees with your Decision, they will send you the Student Permission Letter. This Letter states that you are allowed to leave the school and attend classes somewhere else for a short period of while.

Brief description of Student Permission Letter:

Students of any school, college and university are not allowed to leave the classes during the running session. This means that during your curriculum sessions in the college, you have to attend all the Lectures and if you want to leave for any reason, you have to ask for permission from your teachers and administration of the college. This includes traveling out of the country for sudden occasions i.e. death in the family or when you want to take classes in another school for extra credit hours i.e. students take short classes in other colleges for research and thesis work. In either case, if you want to leave, you need to write a Formal Request Letter to your teachers or professors and if they approve your request, you need to present your application and approval from your professors to the administration of the college and ask them to allow you to leave school during the curriculum session. After processing your request and making arrangements, the administration will send the Student Permission Letter to you so that you can plan your trip with permission from the school.

Sample Student Permission Letter


Luther Jorgen,
Student Services Department,
University of California.



Sarah Phil


Date: 12 September, 2015

Subject: Permission Letter for Credit Study Abroad


Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter to inform you that we have accepted your application for traveling to Australia and taking additional classes there for your research paper.

As you explained in the application letter that you are having some difficulties regarding your research paper on micro organisms at this school and you would like to attend Northern Heights University in Australia to have better grip on this subject during this autumn. We have discussed your proposal with your professors and we all agree that this is an excellent opportunity for you and we shouldn’t be standing in your way.

As per your suggestion, I have talked to one of my friends Mr. Scott in the Northern Heights University and he has agreed to arrange for your visit. I have included his contact information in the letter as well so if you like, you can talk to him for further details. I also want to inform you that Mr. Scott informed me that temporary students are required to live in a sorority house during their studies. This means that you will have to excuse your Aunt and explain to her why you can’t stay with her during your stay in Australia.

Congratulation from our vice chancellor on this decision and we hope you have a safe trip and you enjoy your time there. If you want to discuss anything else, feel free to visit my office.


Luther Jorgen


Travel Permission Letter

Many countries and states around the world have rules and regulations about traveling of criminal and underage citizens in or out of the country. If you are in a situation when you need to take your niece or nephew with you on a trip and their parents are not coming with you on this trip, you need to ask for their Permission so that on the airport, you can provide the Letter and explain that you are traveling with the kids after getting permission from their parents. The letter that the parents write in order to allow traveling of their kids with another family member is known as the Travel Permission Letter.

Brief description of Travel Permission Letter:

It is a very strict role in most countries and states that the underage kids can’t travel alone or with someone who is not either of their parent. This rule also applies to the fact that the children can’t travel out of the country with just one parent and no permission evidence from the other parent. The same thing applies to the criminals and people on parole. As a former con, if you are on parole, you need to contact your Parole Officer, explain why you want to travel during your parole and ask for their permission. The travel permission letter is the Official Document but you don’t need legal help to draft it. You just need to state that you are allowing the receiver of this letter to travel out of state or country for the reasons specified in the Letter.

Sample Travel Permission Letter


Sandra Thomas,
Parole Officer,
34th Precinct.


Gavin Cortex,
456, 6th Main Street,
Las Vegas, LV 434210


Date: 10 September, 2015

Subject: Travel Permission Letter


Dear Mr. Gavin,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that I have decided to accept your application for travelling out of the state to visit your family in Nevada.

Before anything, keep in mind that you are on parole and the court has ordered strictly that you won’t travel out of the state without permission of your parole officer and if you are allowed to travel, you will abide by the guidelines and stay out of any kind of trouble. Because of your DUI situation, I am not allowing you to drive a vehicle for your traveling but you have to take bus or train and there is no Compromise on this so there is no benefit of arguing about it.

Before you leave, you have to provide the details of your family members in Nevada so that I can contact them and confirm that they are expecting you next week. Another important thing is that during this trip, you are required to call me two times a day and whenever I call on your cell phone, you will have to answer it no matter where you are or who you are sitting with.

If you have any further queries or questions, feel free to contact me on my cell or office number.


Sandra Thomas