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Here are 27 Free Self Evaluation Forms in MS Word Format to help you understand and prepare your Self Evaluation Form quickly. You can also check out our collection of Employee Evaluation Forms to explore more choices.

If you are working in a company, surely you have heard of evaluation forms. These are the documents that managers and supervisors fill out to analyze their subordinates’ performance and efficiency. Usually, these forms are filled out before promotion or when employees’ salaries are increased to see who did a good job so he deserves a better increment than others. In the same sense, companies use self-evaluation forms as well. These forms are filled out by individual employees by their performance. So, in a way, each employee assesses and evaluates himself from their perspective.

Using Self-Evaluation Forms:

While working in a company, either in a managerial position or as a subordinate, you have surely come across one of these evaluation forms and you would have a pretty good idea about how to fill one of these but have you asked yourself why it’s so important for the organization to ask its employees for these forms? There has to be some kind of benefits that the company gets in return for these evaluation forms and there surely are lots of benefits.

On a micro level, these self-evaluation forms give voice to the employees in a company. Usually, when it comes to performance appraisal forms, employees just get these forms from their supervisors which means they don’t get to decide what their supervisor writes or thinks of them but with a self-appraisal form, they get to decide how they want to portray their performance in the company. This means the employees take an active role in the performance appraisal process in the company and it can instantly boost morale in teams.

Free Self-Evaluation Form Templates

Here you can download several free Self Evaluation Form Templates in MS Word format to come up with your Self Evaluation Form easily.


Surely there are lots of advantages to asking managers and supervisors to fill out performance forms about their team members and subordinates but when a large group is working under the supervision of a single person, there are always some things that are missed or hidden. When employees are asked to evaluate themselves and then these forms are presented to their managers, they can get a closer look at how the employees are performing and how efficient they think their performance is.

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Another important aspect of self-evaluation forms is that when companies compare the performance appraisal forms prepared by the employees and their managers, the executive board can check for areas to improve. For instance, if most questions on these forms are answered the same by the employee and his manager, there is nothing to worry about but when there are clear differences in what the employee thinks of himself and how his manager sees him in the workplace, review board can dig deep to find why there is any difference in the first place and who is right and who is wrong.

Key Elements of Self-Evaluation Forms:

Employee’s Complete Information:

A self-evaluation form includes full details of the employee who is filling it out. These forms are not printed for each individual instead; there is space for the employee to put his or her details before filling in any other information. This will include their full name, designation, department in which they work, name of their HOD or supervisor, duration of their employment, the date on which they completed the evaluation form, and the date on which they filled the same form last time.

Stating the Purpose and Scope of Evaluation Form:

The HR department usually issues these forms and asks the employees to fill these out. When asking the employees to fill out a performance appraisal form, there should be a clear statement about the purpose and use of the document. Also, the form should specify if these details will be kept classified or if senior managers will have the chance to look at these and discuss them with each employee.

Asking the Employees to describe their Workplace:

The most important part of the self-evaluation form is where the employee is asked various questions about their personality, performance, workplace environment, and how they feel about working in the company. This part usually includes up to 20 different questions and the employees are asked to answer all of these with honesty. Some of these questions will include; if employees are well aware of their responsibilities and duties, if employees were trained well to perform their jobs, what achievements the employees had during their employment, and what challenges they had to face in the past.

Asking Employees to rate their Performance and Productivity:

The self-evaluation form will be considered incomplete if the employees are not asked what they think of their performance as an individual and as a team member. This is the part where the employees will be asked to answer honestly without worrying about any outcome of the evaluation forms. They will be asked to see themselves from the perspective of a third person and evaluate their performance and their ability to handle job duties and responsibilities.

Asking the Employees about Possible Improvements:

Even if an employee is evaluating himself, there will be lots of areas that he thinks need improvements. The self-evaluation form should have a section only for suggestions from the employee about how they think they can improve their performance and what opportunities they need from the company to enhance their performance and efficiency.

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