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If you have some problem with an individual or a company, you need to file the case in court for justice to be done. The document that is presented in the court for your case is usually known as the statement of claim.

Brief Description of Statement of Claim:

It is very uncommon that when two individuals or companies do business together, one of them violates the terms and conditions of the contract and if that happens, it is the right of the other party to file a case against them in court. This whole process is done properly and even if you have any complaints about a person or a company, you need to notify the court which will then decide if there is a proper case or not. You notify the court with your statement of claim, a formal document including the details of your complaint.

Elements to write a Statement of Claim:

  1. Arrange for the Forms and Documents:
    First of all, keep in mind that this is not a very simple procedure and to proceed with this process, you need to understand that this statement of claim needs to be written on an official or legal document and you have to arrange for it. You can ask your lawyer to arrange for it you can ask your local legal department to provide you with the form for a statement of claim. Once you get it, fill it out with the particulars and details of the case.
  2. Nominate the Defendant:
    It doesn’t matter if you are claiming against an individual or a business corporation; you must provide their information. It includes the name of the defendant (the other party), their contact information, and the complete address to which the court can send the notice to them. If you claim against an individual, provide his full name and address. If you are claiming against a company, just give the company’s name without mentioning any internal department.
  3. Provide cause for this Action:
    This is part of the process where you talk about the case you want to file against a party. It could be anything from damaging your property to the violation of a contract to your damaged credibility. Make sure to explain the entire matter in your hands so that the court can assess if there is a proper case against the other party or if you have made a mistake in the process. This also gives an idea to the court if the hearing will be public in front of a jury and citizens or in a private manner in front of a judge.
  4. The amount of Money (if applicable):
    Include that information in this part of your claim including money or a claim for money. Here you need to be more precise about how the other party owes you money or is legally obliged to pay you for the damage they have caused to you.
  5. Final Decision (consideration):
    This is where you give your final statement or conclude your claim in front of the court. This includes the overview of your entire case or the explanation of your statement of claim in 2-3 sentences. Here you are also required to provide the verdict or decision of the court that will satisfy you i.e. compensation, public apology, etc.

Free Statement of Claim Templates

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