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Sworn statement refer to a sworn declaration or an affirmation under penalty of perjury. This is a piece of paper which shows the facts relevant to lawful proceedings. It can be an oral or in black & white. It resembles an affidavit and the merely distinction is  not being countersigned and wrapped by an authorized person. Commonly who generates the particular sworn statement specifies an approval present at the end of that file. This is to proclaim how the affirmation is made beneath charges regarding perjury.

The sworn statement is a file which describes details applicable to some legal proceeding. Anyone who inscribes the particular report adds another certification sentence at the end of the file. This declares that the report has been completed according to penalty of perjury. Oral or written affirmation connected with fact(s) is formed underneath pledge.

Within legal proceedings, generally, man who provides explanations and testimonies in court, relates facts showing someone’s memory or knowledge. He/She presents itself personally at a time and a location known to other involved personnel, swears that his / her testament will be accurate, declares his / her evidences making sure that most can hear this, and can be cross-examined by conflicting revelries. Commonly, this written file associated with his / her accounts is disassembled in written form by an official of court, the court reporter.

A real process is actually high-priced, problematic and time-consuming, because searching fairness and finding probability of receiving the reality is a great milestone in this statement. Thus in many cases, especially in preliminary and open cases, some court allow to present the statement data in a document filed with clerk associated with court for provided data of statement has to be authenticated. Typically, this requires a good affidavit. Anyone must set his or her evidence into written form. He / She must sign his / her report in front of an official and clerk has to swear in front of official that the items on the report are accurate. The official then provides your report an official declaration by having a recognized hallmark. This statement has several positive aspects related to basic proceedings:

  1. Anyone presenting the evidences is actually subjected to penalties in the event he has lied.
  2. The official is able to understand the person, presenting several guarantees that the person is not suffering under any disqualifying impairment.
  3. The official asks you to place your signature on the end of file along with examine proof of the affiant’s personality, and he is able to help to avoid several types of straight up fraud.

In current years, however, to deliver for even greater frugality of time and money, courts have progressively more authorized people to omit the step of swearing before a notary public or an official. As a substitute, your affiance applies another separate piece of paragraph at the end on the record, including the next:

I announce (or certify, authenticate, or state) within charges associated with perjury that the foregoing is valid and also proper. Carried out in (data).

Free Sworn Statement Templates

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Here is preview of a Free Sworn Statement Template created by my staff using MS Word.

Sworn Statement Template

Checkout this template for Sworn Statement of Account in MS Word format. This is quite handy and useful resource to help you prepare and print your own Sworn Statement quickly.

Another useful Sworn Statement Template to help you prepare and print a legal Sworn Statement to submit in a court of law or department of local government. Click on the download button bellow to start downloading this template quickly.

Checkout this sample Notary Statement Template which can also be used for preparing and printing your own Sworn Statement. Please read it out from start to end before printing it. Being a legal document, it is critical that you state only truth in it and be ready to face consequences in case of any false or incorrect information present in this document.

Optionally, you can also put the bottom portion on another page to help separate both parts for your convenience.