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The thesis statement should be brief and well-written because it serves as a central argument for your essay. The thesis statement should introduce your thesis and serve as a road map to the argument that you will subsequently develop in your paper. There is a key difference between the opinion statement and the thesis statement. The thesis provides a defendable claim to the reader to thoroughly explore the topic. The thesis statement should be written according to the instructions of professors.

Sometimes professors require college students to write an essay to include it in the thesis statement. The students find it difficult to write a thesis statement because some essential skills are required to write an effective essay.

Tips to Write a Thesis Statement:

  • The thesis statement is usually written around a debatable topic; therefore the student should choose an arguable topic to make the whole thesis statement arguable because these do not serve as a statement of fact. Try to give an interesting turn to your topic to make it reasonably arguable. For instance, “a university spends millions of dollars on its sports program” is not a debatable statement. If you want to write a debatable statement, write “the university should cut the half budget of the sports programs and spend the surplus money on academics”.
  • Focus closely on the topic and concisely write your thesis statement instead of making it too broad. A narrow thesis statement will enable you to persuade others with your arguments, and you can develop a good argument according to the requirements of your assignment. You have to design a narrow statement, for instance, “the world is facing global warming” is a broad statement, but you can write it in another way to narrow its scope. It will be good to write, “The United Kingdom should reduce the consumption of fuel to prevent the emission of carbon.”
  • Always use simple, clear, and directive language to convenience the reader. Do not overuse complex vocabulary because the reader will find it difficult to understand. Clear and to-the-point writing is the best; therefore always use easy and comfortable vocabulary.
  • Frequent revisions prove best to write a perfect thesis statement without any trouble. The thesis statement will be the first thing to write, and you have to frequently revise it for perfection. With the development of your paper, you can make the thesis clear to express it more dramatically.
  • A good thesis should contain answers to all important questions and write a clear statement with strong and specific points. After writing your thesis statement, proofread it to know about any important changes. A good thesis statement should be written according to the interest of the reader to engage him to continue reading.

A good thesis statement should cover the subjects in the body of the statement in the form of paragraphs. A broad thesis statement will score negative points for you, so write a narrowed thesis statement and take the advice of your tutor before finalizing it.

Free Thesis Statement Templates

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