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A wedding is the union of two souls. Nothing is purer than the eternal bond that two people who get a married share. A wedding is also a formal event full of practical considerations. One other thing about a wedding has been fixed. It is time to receive the wedding gifts. Here is a Wedding Gift List format guide that will help you create your Wedding Gift List.

Earlier, wedding gifts used to be sent to the bride’s address. Nowadays, however, wedding gifts are received by the bride and the groom together, at a common address. If you are not careful, the situation could get out of hand. There is a real need for a Wedding Gift List.

To begin with, you will want to list the names of the people who have sent you a gift. Usually, the gifts start coming in about a month before the wedding. So, it becomes easier to document the Wedding Gift List. An ideal Wedding Gift List should include the name of the sender, the type of gift, the date, etc. Having this list is essential so you can send a ‘Thank you’ note to everyone who sends a gift. As you send ‘Thank you’ notes, you can check off the names on your list. This way you will know who you still have to thank for gifts.

A Wedding Gift List can be made on paper or you can create a format for it on an Excel sheet. The information required for a Wedding Gift List is the name of the sender, their mailing address, a brief description of the gift they have sent, the date on which the gift is received, purchase information about the gift such as the buyer’s name and store information, name of cargo or shipment company.

The buyer’s name or store information will help if something is wrong with the gift and you want it replaced. Purchase information and the name of the cargo company will also help if you realize that you haven’t got the right item. These things are not as easy to track as it is. Having a gift list just makes it that much easier.

Penning down a thought while you are going through the gifts together might help in writing the ‘Thank you’ notes. This will help you personalize the notes instead of sending the same message to everyone. This will show them that you took the time to look at the gift they sent you.

There are many templates for creating a Wedding Gift List. You could do it on paper, or an Excel sheet. Alternatively, you can also search on the net for a template of your choice. There are plenty of these list templates that can be downloaded. A simple wedding gift tracker can be very useful. One that can be updated with a click is desirable.

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