Wedding Shower Invitation Templates

Wedding shower is a culture developed in the 1880s and is in tradition to date because of the beautiful time the ladies spend on the day of this event. Nonetheless, men become a part of this function as well but honestly, they do not get much to do there since wedding shower is an evening arranged typically for the brides-to-be by her friends and cousins, traditionally hosted by the bridesmaid but in reality, absolutely anyone can host the function. Amongst the long list of preparations to be made for this event, one responsibility is to invite guests which might seem to be a simple task but results in a wearisome one when you get doing with it. Initially you would think that all you have to do is to take some time out and call everyone in the list to invite them or send the invitation to them but actually, you come across a number of complications during this process. Sometimes you do not know the full names of your guests, sometimes you have the incorrect phone numbers or addresses and at other times, some guests are just too demanding! So, one of the ingredients to a happening bridal shower is to invite the guests successfully. Let’s see some ways to do this.

Step One: Make a rough list of your guests and number them, then edit the list with their full names followed by their addresses and phone numbers written in front of those names. It will be better to make this list on the computer as it will be easily editable over there and you can take a print out when it is final or keep working in soft form, whatever is convenient for you.

Step Two: Divide your guests into groups so that you can call or mail them efficiently, without missing out anyone in the list. Whether you have to call or to mail is completely your decision depending on the level of function and relationship with guests. If the event is arranged on a pretty big scale, it will be better to send cards as they give a more formal impression. Nonetheless, if you intend to invite close family and friends only and the function is not on a very grand scale, you can simply make a call, or share statuses or send e-cards etc. Also, you can e-mail, SMS or use social apps, it all depends on your convenience and that of your guests.

Step Three: Make sure you have conveyed all the necessary information to your guests, such as the names of ‘to’ and ‘from’, detailed address of the venue, name of the bride, name and contact information of the person to be asked for assistance in case of need.

Step Four: Do not forget to give immense importance to the appearance of the card, in case you are inviting guests through cards. Since it is a bridal shower, i.e. an evening for the ladies, the card should be made up using pictures and colors which depict the wedding shower in actual, e.g. pink, white, yellow colors with images of a bride and flowers and rings etc.

Free Wedding Shower Invitation Templates

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Wedding Shower Invitation Template