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In simple words, a witness statement is actually a written or recorded statement of a person who witnessed something unusual i.e. a crime, a violation or something else. Most of the time, a legal agent present witness statements as a document with witness’s signature. But there are many cases in which recorded versions in tapes were also presented in the court from the witness as a statement.

Brief description of Witness Statement:

When a person is accused of some crime, he has the legal obligation to hire an attorney.  It helps to present himself in the court to plead not guilty and to ask the judge to drop the charges against him.  But it’s not that simple, the opposite lawyer also convinces the judge and jury that the accuser had committed the crime.  Hence he deserved the punishment. Now the judge or the members of jury can’t decide who is telling the truth and who is lying.  So in order to make sure, court ask for witnesses to investigate the case further.

A piece of evidence could be in favor or against the accused person depending on who is presenting it. For example, if the defendant presents the evidence, it means it’s in favor of his client. However if the other lawyer presents it, it’s against the accused. In the same manner, witnesses are called in the court to testify in favor or against the accused person. A witness can be the person present at the crime scene during its course of action. It’s up to the witness that what kind of statement he gives. More than evidences, witness statements are more important as verdicts are usually depends upon these witnesses.

Difference between a Witness Statement and an Affidavit:

Usually people don’t understand the difference between these two titles, a witness statement and an affidavit and most of the time; they assume both are the names of the same thing. In reality, there is big difference in these two titles and I can try to explain it in very simple words for your understanding. A witness statement can be a verbal or written statement presented by the attorney from the person who is either present in the court or not where on the other hand, an affidavit is actually a sworn statement only by the person who is present in the court and has took the oath to only speak the truth.

Witness statements are very common in low profile or regular cases i.e. parking violation, signal violation or a burglary where the affidavit is actually a pretty serious stuff and it is common in high profile cases i.e. theft incident, murder or a matter against the government. Another difference in these two titles is that it is not necessary for the person to present himself in the court while providing a witness statement.  The prosecutor doesn’t need to question him directly. While  on the other hand, while giving an affidavit, the witness has to be presented in the court. He need to take the oath in front of the judge and jury. Then court let the prosecutor question him about his testimony.

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