Pledge Agreement Templates for Shares or Stock

Here is the Free Pledge Agreement Template for Shares or Stock to assist you in writing your agreement. You can also explore our collection of Power of Attorney Agreement Templates.

When the creditor uses his or her stocks and shares and hands them over to the creditor to pledge as the security of the loan. He needs to sign an agreement known as a pledge agreement for shares or stocks. It is possible that if someone wants a loan; he needs to pledge some property. It is to secure the loan with the loan firm or bank. But if he doesn’t have physical property, he can pledge his shares and stocks. The agreement that he will make with the creditor is the pledge agreement for shares and stocks.

Brief Description of Pledge Agreement for Shares or Stocks:

Companies and businesses and even individuals need money all the time and it is possible that when you need the money for your business or to support your company financially, you can’t arrange enough of it and you may have to get a loan from someone or a loan firm. Most of the time, when a small amount of loan is asked from the bank or loan firm. They can grant the application just by seeing the assets of the debtor but when a huge amount of loan is in discussion i.e. millions, the bank or the loan firm has to have some kind of security that the debtor will return the debt in time and with the full amount.

To have the security, the loan firm pledges some property of the debtor so that if he can’t arrange the money in time, the bank or firm can auction it and gather the money where on the other hand, if the debtor clears his debt, his property will be returned to him without any further delay with all the rights and ownership documents.

In some cases, when the debtor has no physical property to pledge with the bank, he uses his shares and stocks in a company, but mostly in his own company or business. He transfers the ownership of the shares and stocks to the bank or loan firm for a specific period so that if he can’t return his debt, the bank can sell the shares and collect the debt. On the other hand, if the clears his debt, the bank will return the ownership of his shares to him with all the documents. The agreement that is signed between the creditor and debtor in this scenario is the pledge agreement for shares and stocks.

Key Elements to add to the Pledge Agreement for Shares or Stocks:

  • Name of the loaner/person whose shares/stocks are being pledged
  • Name and introduction to the loan firm/pledge company
  • Pledge and loan capital amount
  • Installments to be made to the company
  • Details of the stocks or shares being pledged
  • Market value of the stocks/shares
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Mutually agreed clauses of the agreement
  • Termination of the agreement
  • Results of violation of the agreement
  • Validation of the agreement
  • Signature of both parties

Free Pledge Agreement Templates

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