Appreciation Certificate Templates

Allow me to share with you these Free Appreciation Certificate Template using Microsoft Word to assist you in preparing and printing your Appreciation Certificate Design quickly.

If you want to understand how important appreciation can be, get this; one of the most common reasons why employees switch companies and organizations is just because they feel they are not appreciated enough. Most employers understand how important motivation and positive reinforcement can be in the corporate world, especially among a large group of employees.

To show admiration, appraisal, or approval towards an employee or even an employer, an appreciation certificate is created. Not only the employers create these certificates to give to their employees but employees also print these certificates to show their appreciation towards their employer or supervisor. A typical appreciation certificate looks like a diploma that includes the name of the person who will receive it along with the statement of appreciation explaining what the individual did and how much his or her services are appreciated by the creator of the certificate.

Uses of Appreciation Certificate Templates:

Appreciation Certificate used by Employers:

This is perhaps the most common use of the appreciation certificate. Employers and managers use these certificates to boost morale among employees and team members within the organization while creating an atmosphere of positive competition among the team members so they always try to achieve more and enhance their performance. In global organizations and multinational corporations, there is the custom of arranging an annual event where the most appreciated employees are awarded in front of a huge crowd. The services these employees are appreciated for can vary from being punctual to not taking any leave of absence to catch an error before it caused any damage to the company property to getting an appraisal from a client for completing a project on time.

Appreciation Certificate used by Employees:

Likewise, appreciation letters or certificates are also used by employees to give to their employers, supervisors, or managers. It might be difficult for you to understand how someone can give an admiration certificate to their manager if you have a strict or stubborn employer who doesn’t like to get friendly with the team members. But this is not the case in most organizations.

In employee-friendly companies and organizations, employers and managers are taught to be friendly with the employees and not to become a boss with them around all the time. It doesn’t mean there is no difference between employees and employers but it’s not like they dine at different tables. When employees feel certain appreciation and friendliness from their employers and managers, they prefer to show their appreciation in return as well. To do so, they usually create these appreciation certificates and hand them over to their manager from the entire team or department.

Appreciation Certificate used by Clients:

Besides circulating among employers and employees within the organization, there is another use of these certificates as the clients or customers who are working with a company can also produce the certificate and give it to their vendor to show how much they admired their services or products. It doesn’t matter who uses the certificate and who receives it because the content and overall theme or design of the certificate remain the same. In case a client is creating the certificate for a company or organization, the only difference here would be that the name of the company will appear instead of the name of a specific receiver.

Free Appreciation Certificate Templates (MS Word Format)

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