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A blanket statement can be defined as a statement that covers the facts and true realities behind it and enables a person to hide the truth positively.

Brief Description:

As a blanket covers everything underneath it, a blanket statement does the same. When someone wants to hide the truth or doesn’t tell the real facts, he uses something neutral to stay positive but still spares some time for preparation, to tell the truth. The tool he uses is a blanket statement that provides a good cover for a story. While talking to the press, law enforcement agencies always use blanket statements, as they can’t reveal the inside details of an ongoing case until it enters the final trial period.

Characteristics of a Blanket Statement:

Usually, people define blanket statements as a lie or misleading comments, but in reality, there is more to it. You have to see both sides of the picture before you claim that it’s not right to give blanket statements. Usually, when a person uses a blanket statement, he knows that it’s not the right time, to tell the truth, but he also knows that sooner or later he has to reveal the reality but just not right now. This is where the blanket statement helps him to hide the truth for someone’s sake for a while and when he reveals the truth later, he won’t be accused of misleading or lying to the people.

Advantages of Blanket Statements:

You probably think it’s not right to lie or hide the truth, but sometimes there are certain situations when you have to hide the truth or at least not tell all of it. This is where blanket statements come in handy, as you can use one, but you don’t need to be afraid of anything as you didn’t lie but simply hid the truth. Most of the time, when law enforcement agencies publish an opinion or comment on an ongoing case, they don’t have permission to speak the truth or reveal classified information to the general public, so they use blanket statements.

For example, a reporter asked if the police think the accused person is the murderer and to keep the statement neutral, the policeman replies that they are currently working on every possible aspect and some pretty good evidence will reveal the truth very soon. This way he didn’t unhide any secret or classified details but still replied to the press in a satisfactory way.

Another good example from our daily life is that when most of us asked our children about how their tests went, they usually reply with a maybe or something like, ‘I don’t know anything definite yet’. Keep in mind that most of the time, they already know about the results as soon as they come outside the examination hall but don’t want to upset the parents or just want to keep the truth hidden for a little longer and so they use a blanket statement.

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