Statement of Intent Templates

Statement of intent is also known as the letter of intent, memo of agreement or memo of understanding. Statement of intent expresses the seriousness and the intention of the sender about a certain deal or offer. Statement of intent is basic outline of the contract or rather say means of bringing between both the parties on the same page of the terms and conditions. It is especially useful in business when responding to a request for proposal or for college and graduate applicants and job seekers.

Since, statement of intent is your one chance to get into your favorite college or company probably you dreamed about which since your early childhood, we will here guide you to write an effective statement of intent.  Statement of intent might be the hardest thing you ever write, regardless of all your writing classes you most probably will write it completely wrong. Here is a general pattern you should follow while writing you statement:

  1. Passionate Hook: Hook is the opening paragraph of your statement; it should be vibrant but compact and should show your passion for the field and your interest. Do not go for very long and soapy stories but rather be descriptive because usually there is word count for your statement ranging from 300-400 words.
  2. Background in the Field: After the hook, comes your background in the field, explain how much have you worked in the field previously, mention your projects in a very little but effective detail.
  3. Specific Classes by Title and Names of Professors: Mention if you had any special lectures on the field or any famous professors you had previously. Remember this always has a deep impact on the selection committee reading your statements.
  4. Related Extracurricular Activities: Extracurricular activities show your interests and mention your group capabilities and try to explain that you are a team player but it is always better to stick to your own unique personality traits.
  5. Why have you Chosen that specific institute? : This is very important and explains your interest if you have done your homework about the institute. Mention one or two professors and their work in the respective fields and any other unique facility that the institute has to offer.

You don’t have to change the whole of your letter of intent, but just modify #5 for every different institute you apply for. And as for mentioning the professors don’t go for the most famous one but go for lesser known professor and their work which will show your true interest in the field.

Now for the writing styles and general instructions, choose a letter style such as block or modified block, choose a font size that is not neither too small nor too big for a letter. Mention your full credentials including your e-mail address, phone number and your signature. After you have written your letter, ask your friend or one of your teachers to look for any mistakes and that your message is clearly understood. One of the fatal mistakes that literally kill your letter of intent is spelling errors; proof read your statement carefully to avoid such mistakes.

Free Statement of Intent Templates

Download all these Free Statement of Intent Templates that can easily help you to prepare your own Statement of Intent effectively.

Statement of Intent Template