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If you like watching movies, how do you pick one when you go to a movie shop? Whether you have heard it from some friend that this particular movie is very good or you have read something about it on the internet.

When the story of a movie is described on internet, it’s usually contains only one sentence or two. These two sentences give you the overview of the entire movie and you can easily decide if you want to watch it or not.

In the same manner, thematic statement works in literature world. No one wants to read an entire book to decide if he likes it or not and most of the time, the title or the name of the book doesn’t give the exact idea either. This is where thematic statements come handy.

Thematic statements are added to the first or sometimes second page of the book and by reading this statement, the reader can decide if this book appeals him or not. This way it saves a lot of time and money that you will spend on useless or boring books.

Elements of writing a Thematic Statement:

Understanding the Literature:

This is very important that before you write a thematic statement, you understand what you are writing about. You can’t describe 1200 pages in 3-5 sentences if you don’t know exactly what’s going on in the book and what’s it about. This is why before writing a thematic statement for a literature work, you need to read the entire content and then describe it in your own words.

Knowing the needs of the Reader:

Once you have understood the main theme of the content, now you need to understand what the readers want to read in the statement. You can’t give them irrelevant stuff as that will bore them and the readers will lose interest in the statement. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a reader and then decide what you want to read in a thematic statement. This will make it quite easier for you.

Describing it in most relevant and Precise Words:

Thematic statements are very difficult and complex to write as you need to describe an entire book in less than 5 sentences. A wise person once said that “if you want me to create a speech of 1000 words, give me 5 minutes, if the limit is 200 words, give me 20 minutes and if I need to write only a few sentences, give me an hour”. This explains that as the words shorten, you need to use more precise and broad meaning words in your thematic statement.

Keeping it Short:

The idea behind a thematic statement is to keep it short and precise. You need to work with your words and sentences and make sure that you use broader meaning words that describe the situation in one word rather than putting a whole sentence to describe something. Also while you are keeping it short, make sure that you add interesting words to capture the attention of the readers and to convince them to believe what you have written.

Free Thematic Statement Templates

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