Wedding Seating List Templates

Download these 18+ Free Wedding Seating List Templates to assist you in preparing your own Seating Arrangements for upcoming wedding party.

Weddings are fun. However, they involve a lot of planning. One of the most underestimated aspects of a wedding is the seating arrangement.  It is not only important to decide where your guests will sit but also who they are going to sit with. Here is a Wedding Seating List format guide which will make it easy to create a good seating arrangement at your wedding. It will also ensure that everyone gets along and has fun.

Wedding Seating List – Key Elements

The key point to remember about a Wedding Seating List is that your guests should not feel bored or out of place. You should place them at certain table depending on their preferences. This will tell them that you gave them a thought.

The head table is usually for the bride and the groom. You can sit with the best man and the maid of honor or your parents. When creating a Wedding Seating List, divide your guests by parameters like vegetarian food or non vegetarian food, couple or single, children or adult, etc.

In a Wedding Seating List, arrange your guests in an alternating pattern of male and female. This is traditional and may liven things up. Place children with their parents or have a separate table for kids near their parents. The head table could be for the wedding party or they could spread out across table. You could also place their partners or spouses with them.

Wedding Seating List Format

In a Wedding Seating List, mention the place of your parents at the table of honor. This is usually one table where parents of both the bride and the groom sit. Their grandparents also sit at this table. You could have two separate tables for the bride’s family and the groom’s family. If your parents are divorced, place them at different tables, with their respective families. This is a decision that the bride and groom have to make. It is a judgmental call. The bottom line is to see that no one is uncomfortable and that everyone has fun.

For a Wedding Seating List, make a list of all of your friends. If you have a huge friend circles, divide it in two. Then place couples at the same table. It is best not to place one or two singles with all couples. Make it a mix and match. Either have a table of singles or have a couple or two thrown into the mix.

In a Wedding Seating List, have young people sit together. If they love music, place them close to the band or the music. Elderly people would probably prefer a quieter seat.

In a Wedding Seating List, list your guests and assign table numbers for them. Later you can have table cards with their names and table numbers, so they know where they are sitting. The table cards should be in the reception room. Also, if you want to have tables according to dietary preferences, that can also be arranged. Have vegetarian and non-vegetarian tables. You can also have a separate vegan table.

Wedding Seating List Template – Colorful

Here is preview of a Free Wedding Seating List Template created using MS Excel.

Wedding Seating List Template

Wedding Seating List Template – 8 Chair Table

Checkout this wonderful Seating Plan to allow you arrange seating in tables. This is quite a useful layout as it allows your guests to make groups as per their likeness. You can also make your own groups and can allocate seats to your guests if you prefer. Moreover, in conservative audience, you can allocate tables as per gender. Female guests can have their own gathering while gents can sit separate.

Wedding Seating List Template – Circular Table

Following Seating List Template is a simple illustration as how guests should sit around a table. This is particularly useful for VIP Guests as to guide them to sit as per their seniority. Such printout can avoid inconvenience where several VIPs are invited and they don’t know how and where to sit.

Wedding Seating List Template – Head Table

Here is Wedding Seating Template for Head Table. Usually, family members or Bride and Groom are invited to sit there facing the guests. However you can add/remove as per your own requirements.

Wedding Seating List Template – Conference View

Yet another seating template to help you designate chairs for your audience.

Wedding Seating List Template – Legends

Checkout this Template that allows your to create your own Seating Chart with provided legends. Its quite useful and handy if you prefer to prepare it with greater details.

Wedding Seating List Template – Round Table with Six Chairs

Another tabular Wedding Seating Arrangement with six chairs around. You can easily re-arrange them as per your requirements and situation.

Wedding Seating List Template – Traditional

Here is a traditional style Wedding Seating List Template to place guests in rows and columns. This is pretty useful in conditions where you need audience attention for a particular set of activity or ceremony.

Wedding Seating List Template – Printable Sheet

An easy way to list download your guest names and their tables to sit around. You can print and display such list at the entrance to help your guests locate their seats easily.

Wedding Seating List Template – Group Discussion

Another useful seating list template to allows you to form a table for discussion. Group discussions are usually setup this way but it can also be used for wedding seating.

Wedding Seating List Template – Tag Labels

Following is a wedding seating label template to assist you in printing personalized labels for your guests.

Wedding Seating List Template – Side by Side

Very simple yet effective Traditional Wedding Ceremony Seating Chart with one side reserves for Bride’s guests while other side is for Groom’s guests.

Wedding Seating List Template – Classroom Style

A simple classroom style seating arrangement that can easily be used for your Wedding party as well. Just replace Blackboard with your party’s head table and its done.

Mrs. Holloway’s Seating Chart

Assessment Band Seating Chart Template

Simple Wedding Seating List Sheet

Wedding Bus Seating List Template

Simplest Wedding Seating List Template

I am pretty sure with the help of above shared Seating Charts, you can easily prepare and print your own wedding seating list quickly. Moreover, this can also give you choices so that you shall not limit yourself to one sudden idea.

Benefits of using Wedding Seating List Templates

Here are some solid benefits of using existing Seating List Templates rather than working on your own from scratch.

  • It saves a lot of your time while final outcome will look professional and complete.
  • If offers more variety and give you exposure to much more options than you can think of.
  • Allows you to come up with your own unique way while studying existing market practices.
  • Can be very handy when you are busy in other serious matters.
  • Helps you to better manage and use your party venue space.