Painting Work Quotation Templates

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Houses in which we live provide us safety from bad weather conditions or many other things. But these weather conditions affect the building and its materials as a result. If we are living near a seaside where there is a lot of humidity in the environment, it upsets the building or house in which we live causing troubles like seepage on the walls and floors. Just like that, rainfall, snowfall, and direct sunlight also affect the paint job of a building from both inside and outside. For these reasons, no matter how much money is spent on the paint job, it starts peeling off after some time and starts looking old after a few rainfalls. While there is no harm done to a building if its paint gets damaged or peeled off, it starts looking very dull making the whole building look ugly. Now, there are paints available in the market that block the sunlight to keep the building cooler than the outside atmosphere but when that paint gets faded, the owner has to start spending more on the air-conditioning of his/her house/building.

One hires a professional painter to repaint the building who can repair or redone the whole coating job for the building. There are many paint workers in the market with varying prices depending on the services they provide and the techniques they apply. But, instead of hiring any random contractor for the paint job in some house, one should conduct a little survey of the market. For this survey, one has to visit several contractors inquiring about the services they provide along with their charges for each service. The document which they provide you then containing all the rating information is called a Painting Work Quotation. After getting different Painting Quotations from all the contractors, one can then easily compare which color suits them the most having cheaper rates. Thus, a Painting Quotation helps in making a better choice.

Here are the guidelines to create a Painting Quotation every painter should be familiar with. Every painting contractor should print the Painting Quotation on the official letterhead of the firm or company.

Begin by providing the name of the person in charge of this job and the pricing department also mentioning the name of the client who demanded the quotation along with the date of making this quotation. Next, enlist all the types of painting services provided along with a small description for each type of service for making it easily understandable for the customer. Then, provide the accomplishment period for each type of service along with the rules and regulations to complete the job on time. Also, provide rates for each kind of service on the list for the customer to compare it with other contractors.

If there is any offer of some special discount for the client, add that at the end ensuring to mention that the concession is only valid for this particular customer. Get the quotations approved by the supervisor asking him to sign them and also provided the date of validation.

Free Painting Work Quotation Templates

Download all these Free Painting Work Quotation Templates that can easily help you to prepare your Painting Work Quotation effectively.

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Painting Work Quotation Template 1.

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Another good-looking simple yet professional Work Estimate Template for Building Construction as well as Maintenance Work.

Painting Work Quotation Template 2.

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Painting Work Quotation Template 3.

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