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Project managing is not an easy job anymore. Long gone are the days when a project manager had to simply get a task done and verbally handled all the matters by himself or herself. In the present world, a project manager has to report and explain every detail to the office under which he or she is working and to the bosses involved in that project from that organization. A scope statement is amongst one of the major and critical documents related to the project management in the present day world. A scope statement is very important for any project manager and is explained as we proceed.

A scope statement generally has three to four major portions; however scope statements are varied by the type of the organization and also by the size of the project and the details involved with the working on a project and its completion. A scope statement generally provides an over view of the whole of the project, a project manager is working on. This statement further includes all the details which are by any means related to that project. A scope statement is also known by the terms project vision and project proposal.

A scope statement is considered the last step of initiation process for any project, because after this statement there is no official work left and next step is the implementation of the project being planned. This also means that a project manager must have discussed all the details with the shareholders of the company or the sponsoring parties for the project, prior to reaching this stage of writing scope statement. An important point to note is the place of scope statement; remember that a scope statement is always written after the project charter has been produced already, and not the other way round.

Titles of scope statements are generally objective, such as working on this, or designing a product that etc. This is just an example and the title can be extended mentioning necessary details for example producing more vaccine through local laboratory using monetary resources up to $4000. Here you can see the title has complete description of the project being discussed.

Main portion of the scope statement must be focusing on the details of the project. First of all what will be the deliverables of this project; both in terms of productivity and also in terms of profit for the company in which a company’s shareholders are most interested. Second the requirements which are to be fulfilled in order to make this project a success and come to reality. These requirements can be monetary, man power termed or even material resources related. Whatever they are, they have to be mentioned in the scope statement.

Final part of the scope statement for a project is always comprised of finalization of the project. Here the project manager discusses all the details which are to be finalized, such as buying a piece of land, or obtaining a license for some specific project etc. And finally at the end there is place of acceptance which has to be signed by both parties, in order to validate the scope statement.

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