Sample Confirmation Letters

Checkout these free Confirmation Letters to help you write your Appointment Letters professionally. These sample letters gave you insights as how to write such a professional letter accurately.

Audit Confirmation Letter

Audit is a process where a third party is hired to inspect functions, operations, productivity, accounts and financial statements of a company or organization. Audit Confirmation Letter is a formal notification that is sent to all the involved parties in the process. With this Letter, the client can prepare their management for the audit where on the other hand, it gives specific details about the audit to the auditors i.e. required quality of audit, threshold of quality etc.

Brief Description of Audit Confirmation Letter:

Audit is a very important and key part of any organization and it isn’t only mean Financial Audit but it can be of any kind i.e. in a textile company, the customer sends a third party as an external auditor. This team visits the production units, check the quality of the prepared garments and verify if the garments are made with the specification signed by the Company in the Initial Agreement. On the other hand, financial audit is a little complicated as compared to other types of audits. In this audit, the external auditors check Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable of a company to make sure there is no mistake or error in the Financial Statements. Multinational Companies that have dozens of offices around the world hire External Auditors because it’s not possible for the owner or partners to physically visit every branch and they can’t rely on the management completely. In order to make sure that everything is running smoothly, they send auditors to their offices and branches.

Before any Audit, a Notification is sent both to the Management of the Company and the Auditing Team. On one hand, this gives a guideline to the management about what the auditors will check during their visit and what kind of documents they will require. This way the management has enough time to prepare for the audit. On the other hand, this Notification or Audit Confirmation Letter is also sent to the auditors where it confirms the date, time, place and duration of the Audit. This letter also includes the specification of the audit along with the details that will be provided to the Auditors during their visit.

Sample Audit Confirmation Letter


Jane Smith,
Managing Director.
Super Natural Fabrics International,
HQ London.


William Orland,
General Manager,
Production unit,
Super natural fabrics international,

Date: 27 August, 2015

Subject: Audit Confirmation Letter


Dear Mr. Orland,

Please consider this letter as the Official and Formal Notification of the upcoming Audit of your production unit on 12th of September, 2015. We have hired a third party who will conduct this audit and will prepare reports on their findings. Mr. Austin, Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Susan will be the members of the audit team.

As you can understand, the key purpose of this Audit is to make sure that the Production Unit is up to its full capacity and the Production Managers are making sure the unit is giving maximum output. Along with that, the Auditors are also asked to Inspect the Packaging and Shipment process of the finished goods. The auditors will also ask you to present some of the finished samples of our running orders for checking the quality of the fabric and stitching. Please be advised that you are required to fully cooperate with the Auditors during their visit.

Please reply with Acknowledgement of this Confirmation Letter.


Jane Smith,
Managing director


Account Balance Confirmation Letter

The letter that is sent by the Bank or any other Financial Firm to their clients as a part of inspection and check and balance process of their corporation is known as the Balance Confirmation Letter. Banks use this Letter to verify if their Statements match with the books that customers or account holders keep and to get the Confirmation before Crediting or Debiting a big amount in or out of their accounts. When there is an Official Audit in the bank, the auditors might ask the Bank Administration to send Balance Confirmation Letters to all of their account holders in order to make sure there is no error or mistake in the financial statements prepared by the Bank Officials and Employees.

Brief Description of Balance Confirmation Letter:

It is very obvious to understand that the key purpose of a Balance Confirmation Letter is to ask the customer to confirm if the balance in their personal books matches with the Financial Statements that the bank prepares on periodic basis i.e. every month or three times a year. There are different types of Balance Confirmation Letters i.e. when a big check comes in bank for withdrawal, before deducting anything from the account, bank confirms with the client if he did issue the check and if he verifies the amount on the check. Another type of Confirmation Letter is when the bank is asked to transfer a big amount into another account and before doing so; the bank manager writes this Formal Letter to the account holder and asks him to Confirm the amount and account number.

On the other hand, when there is an audit going on in the bank, the auditors might require seeing if the ledgers match with the account holders’ books. With the Confirmations and replies sent by the accounts holders, it is very easy to locate any mistake or error. Banks also send random Balance Confirmation Letters to their account holders in order to make sure that the Bank Ledgers are showing the same amount as the customers’ books. A typical Bank Confirmation Letter includes the reference number, date, Bank name, Bank Manager’s name, the amount under discussion, name of the Account Holder and the Precise Statement about what the Customer is asked to do with this Letter.

Sample Balance Confirmation Letter


Denial Smith,
Western International Bank,
San Francisco.


Mr. Jeremy Donald,
Account number: 548-592-14889-19483-001

Date: 24 August, 2015

Subject: Balance Confirmation Letter for Annual Audit


Dear Mr. Donald,

I hope you are fine and doing well. I am writing this Letter in order to inform you that we are conducting Annual Audit at our bank and it’s the time of the year when we ask our Account Holders to take a couple of minutes out of their busy schedules and Confirm the Balance in their Accounts so that we can match it with our Ledgers and make sure there is no error.

You are the Account Holder in our bank with the account number 548-592-14889-19483-001 and you opened this Account on 31 March, 2008. As of today, our Ledgers and Audit Reports are showing a balance of $594,900 in your account and we would like you to check your Personal Books and Confirm this figure at your earliest convenience.


Denial Smith,
Western International bank.


Bank Credit Confirmation Letter

The Letter from the bank confirming that a client or customer of the bank has secured a line of credit is known as the Bank Confirmation Letter. Also known as the letter of bank confirmation is the Official Notification released by the bank for their customer in order to approve and verify that they have enough credit in their accounts in order to go through a Financial Transaction or a business deal. Often used in real estate purchase, this Letter is presented in front of the seller and it provides the security to the seller that the buyer has enough money to buy the property.

Brief Description of Bank Credit Confirmation Letter:

Unlike old times, now we don’t see as much of the actual paper money and we just have Bank Statements proving that we have money in the bank accounts. When there is no actual cash in hand, it can create confusion or concern for people in personal and professional lives. Suppose you want to buy a house but you can’t show the money to the seller and when there is no actual money, it many create confusion for the seller that if you will be able to afford the house at all. When entering in a business deal or joint business venture, concern parties may ask the new Partner to provide some kind of Evidence that he has enough finances to support his or her part in the deal. This is where the Bank Confirmation Letter comes handy.

This is a Letter that is sent by the bank in order to approve or confirm that the said client or customer has secured a Line Of Credit with the bank and he has the ability to go through the deal with the other parties. When you want to buy some property, you need to present this Confirmation Letter to the seller so that he can make sure you can afford the property. The Bank Confirmation Letter doesn’t indicate the final decision of the client i.e. if he has decided to buy the real estate property or not but it simply Confirms that if the buyer decides to buy the property, he has enough credit.

Sample Bank Credit Confirmation Letter


Henry Emerald,
National bank,
New York, NY 53422.


Tom Mason,
43F, 1st avenue,
Broadway Street,
New York.

Date: 15 August 2015

Subject: Confirmation Letter for Line of Credit


Dear Mr. Mason,

This Letter is sent to you in reference with the inquiry you made on 7 August 2015 regarding your Bank Statement.

I am writing this letter in order to confirm that your account at our bank is fully operational and there is no problem or issue regarding Financial Transactions. On a separate note, we have also decided to accept your request regarding the mortgage that you demanded 2 weeks ago. Please consider this Letter as the Confirmation for your Mortgage Application as well.

As per your request, we also confirm that you are operating this account at our bank for more than 3 years and other than couple of clerical errors on our side related to your Credit Payments, there haven’t been any complaints. I hereby also confirm that you are fully eligible to buy the property that you described in the Application Letter.

Yours sincerely,


Henry Emerald,
National bank.

Child Support Confirmation Letter

After divorce, depending on the situation the Court Orders the father of the children to Support them even if they are living with their mother separately. The court examines how much Money the child or children will need in order to make a Good Living and orders their father to provide that figure as a Monthly Allowance. This allowance is called Child Support. In particular cases, the mother of the children is asked to Confirm if the children are receiving their child Support Fund from their father. The Letter that the mother writes to a particular department to confirm this Allowance is called the Child Support Confirmation letter.

Brief Description of Child Support Confirmation Letter:

It is a rule in most of the countries that when you divorce your wife and you have kids and you are the father of those kids; you are required to support them and provide for them even if you don’t live with them anymore. This is done just to make sure that even after Separation of their Parents, the kids live a Proper Life and they are provided with Enough Money for their studies and other needs. It depends on each particular situation that what amount the court orders to the father to pay as Child Support i.e. it depends on how much the Father earns and if the Mother also works full time or not.

Later, there are many Situations when you are asked to confirm that you pay the Child Support Allowance and as the Legal Guardian and mother of your children, you are asked to get a signed letter from your ex-wife indicating that your kids are getting child support money on monthly basis. Then, the mother of the children writes this Child Support Confirmation Letter and verifies that she is getting money from her ex-husband to support the children.

Sample Child Support Confirmation Letter


To whom it May Concern

My name is Catherine Donald and I am the mother of Judy McKay. I am divorced and because my ex-husband Jeremy McKay filed for the divorce, court ordered him to pay Child Support for our daughter. I am writing this Letter just to confirm that my ex-husband is making all the Monthly Payments on time for the past two years and he has never delayed any payment. As per the orders from the court, he sends me payment of $1000 per month in my bank account with # 8825-342-5322-5-534. He always deposits the above said amount around 2nd or 3rd of every month.

I have provided the Account Number with the deposited Payments and the dates so that if anyone wants to verify, it’s made easy for that person. Please note that this Letter Confirms to the human rights department that my ex-husband Jeremy McKay is supporting our daughter with the Monthly Allowance that was ordered by the court and has never created any problem for me or our daughter.


Catherine Donald,
Date: 25 August, 2015

Income Confirmation Letter

If you want to get a credit card, the Bank or Credit Card Company has to make sure that you are capable of handling the amount of credit that you requested for and you earn enough money to make the Credit Payments afterwards. For this purpose, the credit card applicants are asked to verify their income from their employer or some banks also contact the employers directly and ask them to confirm the salary of their employees. In return of this request, HR department sends the Income Confirmation Letter. This letter verifies that the employee is earning the exact salary as he described on the credit card application.

Brief Description of Income Confirmation Letter:

Money is the primary factor in any kind of business and trading. This is also the factor on which banks and credit card companies work. As a Credit Card Company, before you issue a credit limit to a customer, you have to make sure that he or she will be able to Pay Back the credit and the limit is suitable according to their Monthly Income. For this purpose, banks and credit card companies contact the employers of the credit card applicants just to confirm that the Income Figure on the credit card application is correct. Once a Formal Request is made with the company, the HR department verifies that the employee is working in the company and he is earning exactly what he described in the credit card application. In return of the request from the bank, Income Confirmation Letter is sent that confirms the income of the employee along with the details of his or her employment i.e. the date of joining, employment duration and designation in the company.

Sample Income Confirmation Letter


Michael Smith,
Manager HR,
Courtesy international,
Scranton PA, 242534


William Scott,
Head of Credit Card Department,
Western National Bank.

Date: 23 August, 2015

Subject: Employee Income Confirmation Letter


Dear Mr.  Scott,

Yesterday I received a letter from your department asking to confirm the income of one of our employees named Angela McCarthy. Before your letter came, she visited me in my office and informed me that she has applied for a credit card in your bank and as per your policy; you asked her to confirm her Monthly Income and her employment details. This is the reason that when I received your letter, I was already prepared.

Please note that Angela K. McCarthy has been working with us for more than 1 year and she started her career at this company on 4th June, 2014. She was appointed as an Office Assistant but 6 months after that, she was promoted to Executive Assistant and now she is working with this job title. Our company is paying her $60,000 per year without any bonuses or commission in the sales.

I hope I have provided you with all the information that you needed but if there is still anything that you require, don’t hesitate to contact me on telephone or via email.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Smith,
Manager HR


Interview Confirmation Letter

When you apply for a job in a company, the HR department processes your request and if they find you competent enough for their Organization, they might call you for an Interview. Usually the Notification for the interview is sent as the Interview Confirmation Letter. This Letter includes the details of the interview i.e. time, date, number of interviewers and the documents that the recruiters want the applicant to bring with him for the Meeting.

Brief Description of Interview Confirmation Letter:

Whether you have worked before or you are going to apply for the first time, you should understand the Hiring Process. Policies and guidelines are different in each company but the HR Department in any kind of company works on a particular pattern. When you apply for a job, there are hundreds of other applicants who apply for the same position. The recruiters take their time to process these applications and filter the applicants that are more Eligible and Suitable for the job. These selected people are then contact via the Interview Confirmation Letter.

This letter not only informs the applicants that they are selected for the Interview, but it also includes the details of the meeting. It includes the date of the interview, time, location and the names of the people who will interview you. Another important thing that is included in this letter is the detail of documents that the applicant is asked to bring with him so that the recruiters can verify his credentials and educational certificates. The applicants are also asked to confirm that they have received the letter and they are coming for the interview so that the HR can schedule the Meeting. If it’s necessary, the employer might also want the applicant to bring the contact details of references.

Sample Interview Confirmation Letter


Jordan Smith,
Manager HR,
Union International Bank,
Sydney, 435343.


Natalie Pore

Date: 1st September, 2015

Subject: Interview Confirmation Letter


Dear Ms. Natalie,

As you can recall, you applied for the job of Customer Relations Officer at our bank last week and I am writing this letter to inform you that we have decided to interview you.

Our HR department received a lot of applications and as per the job description; we filtered the applicants who have previous experience in this field. One of those selected candidates is you and we would like you to come this Thursday for a Detailed Interview.  You have a very impressive resume and as you said, you will provide reference on request; we would also like you to gather your contacts so that we can use them to gather your employment history. Please be advised that in the Interview, you will have to present all of your educational certificates, extra diplomas and the Appointment Letters from your previous jobs.

If there is anything that you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to contact the HR department. Also, do confirm your visit with our receptionist so that we can schedule the meeting for your interview with our recruitment members.


Jordan Smith,
Manager HR


Leave Confirmation Letter

When an employee or a worker in a company wants to take some days off of work due to any reason, he is asked to inform his manager or supervisor along with sending a Formal Request Letter to the HR Department with the approval from his manager or head. If the HR department decides to accept the application, Leave Confirmation Letter is sent to the employee. This letter informs the employee that the HR department has agreed to give him some days off of work.

Brief Description of Leave Confirmation Letter:

It doesn’t matter if you own a business or just work in a company, you can understand that every person around you in the office has a specific role in the overall running of the company. This explains that if a person leaves, it can create problems for the other employees and the company itself. This is why Companies and Organizations have very Strict Policies about absents and vacations of employees. Usually when an employee is hired, he is told about the days he can take off per year or month but when there are Unexpected Situation and an employee wants to take some days off of work, he is required to inform his manager and with his approval, write a Formal Request Letter to the HR Department.

After processing the application, if the HR Department agrees to accept it, they write the Leave Confirmation Letter to the employee. This letter on one hand, confirms that the HR department has allowed the employee to take days off of work where on the other hand, it also explains the details of the leave i.e. days the employee will take off of work, leaving date, coming back date and the handing over of the responsibilities to another employee for smooth working of the routine tasks.

Sample Leave Confirmation Letter


Janine Williams,
Dewpond international,
Phoenix, Arizona.


Adam K. Sandler,
Executive Assistant, HR department,
Dewpond international.

Date: 5 September, 2015

Subject: Leave Confirmation Letter


Dear Mr. Sandler,

Yesterday we received an application from your HOD explaining that you want to go take a few days off of work and visit your parents in Australia. I am writing this letter to inform you that we have accepted your application and you can plan your trip as per the schedule you discussed in the Application.

As you can understand that you are a very important part of this organization and after you leave, there will be a gap in the regular work activities as you have a good grip on routine stuff around the office. This is why we would like you to consult with Ms. Sheen in the Project Management Department so that you can prepare her. She will be overtaking your responsibilities while you are gone and as you stated in the Application that you will be leaving next week, there’s enough time for your two to discuss and go through important stuff in order to take care of your duties after you.

If you have any further questions or you want to discuss anything else, please contact the HR Department.


Janine Williams,


Legal Status Confirmation Letter

When you want to file a case against someone and you need to make sure that you have a very strong case and solid evidence to present in the court against the defendant, you need Legal Status Confirmation Letter. You send this letter to state the Obvious Situation with the other party and ask them to confirm it so that you can present this letter in the court instead of just talking about a conversation you had with the defendant a while ago.

Brief Description of Legal Status Confirmation Letter:

Even if the criminal and justice system in most countries and states is very strong and authenticated, there are still many cases that leave you surprised with their endings. It is quite common that someone did a crime, but the DA’s Office couldn’t provide enough evidence against the defendant and the court had to rule the case out and the defendant walked free. Because of such complications, when you have a situation and you want to take Legal Action against someone, it is better that you prepare the case. You can’t prove a conversation that you had with someone some days ago and you can’t either force the other person to testify in your favor. For this reason, it is important that when you want to take legal action against something that someone said or did, you send them Legal Status Confirmation Letter. In this letter, you state the same conversation or discuss their action so that later in court, you can present this letter instead of trying to come up with ways to prove your case in front of the jury and the judge.

Sample Legal Status Confirmation Letter


Paul Thompson,
Building Administrator,
34th Broadway,
New York, NY 748232.


Claire Smitten,
65th Apartment, 9th Floor.


Date: 7 September, 2015

Subject: Legal Status Confirmation Letter


Dear Ms. Claire,

I am writing this letter to confirm a personal conversation that we have yesterday. You told me that you are allowing your cousins to live with you in the apartment and they have been living here for more than 1 week. As you can recall when you rented this apartment, I told you that it is not allowed to invite any guests to live with you and if it’s very necessary, you have to inform the Building Administrator before making any decisions. Clearly, you didn’t remember this clause in the Tenancy Agreement when you let your guests stay with you for the entire week.

Because of the situation that you have created, as the supervisor of this building I am legally forced to take action against you. By allowing your guests to stay with you for more than 1 day, you violated the tenant agreement and by not informing the building manager, you have put yourself in this awkward position where I will file a case against you in the court.

I have written this Letter and sending it to you so that you can confirm we have this conversation. If you have any questions, do contact building management committee before next Monday.


Paul Thompson


Religious Confirmation Letter

A religious Confirmation Letter is drafted for a Religious Ceremony that is organized for a person who is going to accept a new religion. It depends on each religion that what kind of Rituals the person has to go through in order to turn to a new religion. The letter that congratulates that person for choosing a new path for his life is known as the Religious Confirmation Letter and it is usually sent by the existing follower of that same religion who are friends with the receiver.

Brief Description of Religious Confirmation Letter:

Religious Confirmation Letters are very common around the world in all religions but they are mostly used for Roman Catholics. When a person decides to accept Christianity and get Baptized, the Confirmation Letter is written by the Father of the church to that person. On one hand, this Letter congratulates that person on his decision where on the other hand, it also includes a Guideline for the Baptism Ceremony. A person who is just turning to a new religion might find it scary or overwhelming and it’s important for him to feel that he is supported by his family members and he will be accepted by the followers of that religion.

With the Confirmation Letter, you can show your love and affection to that person who has decided to turn his life around and enter in a new phase of his life. Along with appreciating his decision, as the writer of this letter, you can also inform him or her about what will happen in the ceremony and how he is supposed to respond to all the rituals. As the existing follower of the same religion, you can also make him feel safe by discussing what kind of satisfaction you got when you accepted this religion and how your life changed after this one of the most important choices of your life.

Sample Religious Confirmation Letter


Peter Ross,
343 Ocean Eve,
New York, NY 53432.


Martin Howland,
876 Steward Avenue,
New York, NY 53432.

Date: 15 September, 2015


Subject: Baptism Confirmation Letter


Dear Mr. Martin,

Before going any further, I would like to Congratulate you on your decision and would also like to tell you that I am very happy that you have found the Right Path and decided to embrace Christianity and get Baptized. This is truly a very important moment for you and it’s also like your life is about to take a new turn of exciting events. I am also very happy to inform you that I have decided to be your Official Sponsor and I will be standing by your side during the ceremony.

The time that we spent together as friends, introduced me to a wonderful Martin, a person who is kind, affectionate and feels for others. When we started meeting, I always wanted to tell you about Christianity and dreamt of the day when you realize that this is the right religion for you and Christianity has a lot to offer you and it’s finally happening and this feeling is just too overwhelming for me.

Please congratulate your family on my behalf and I will see you in the church next Sunday.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Ross


Student Attendance Confirmation Letter

Colleges and universities receive Attendance Confirmation Requests from hundreds of students every month. After processing the application and verifying the attendance of each applicant, the administration issues or posts a letter in which the attendance of the student is confirmed. This notification is the Official Student Attendance Confirmation Letter. Some universities just include the attendance of the applicant on the return letter where most of the administration offices issue a separate document with the letter that includes complete details of Attendance of the student during each semester.

Use and purpose of Student Attendance Confirmation Letter:

There are many reasons for which students might need to get Attendance Confirmations from their school administration. For example, you are a regular student in a university but for some reason, you want to attend another school during summer vacations but the administration needs to verify your reputation, punctuality and dedication to studies by asking you to provide your attendance history at the previous school. In this situation, you will require to fill out a formal Request Application and ask your school administration to provide your attendance confirmation for the purpose that you mention in the application.

Most of the time only top level universities and colleges require enrolling students to provide Attendance Confirmation i.e. Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford University. Hiring students with promising future and dedication to study is more important for these colleges than to increase the student body count. It is not mandatory for the students to contact their former school administration for the Attendance Confirmation as many Schools do it via Official communication with other institutes.

Sample Student Attendance Confirmation Letter


Tyler Aniston,
Student services,
Administration office,
Stanford University,
California CA 42456968.


David Benson,
1st Year Student (Regular),
Mass Communication


Date: 23 September, 2015


Subject: Attendance Confirmation Letter


Dear Mr. Benson,

We received a formal request letter from you on 15th September in which you informed the administration that you are thinking of taking extra classes at Yale University this winter and for enrollment as temporary student in the university, you need to provide your Attendance History in Stanford University where you study as regular student. This letter is sent to you with reference to your request of Attendance Confirmation.

We have processed your application and after verifying your documents and attendance sheets filled by the professors of your course; we confirm that you have attended more than 95% of your classes. You were absent 3 times during the last semester and upon request from the student body office, you informed that you had to leave because of death of your grandmother and due to the circumstances, you couldn’t apply for the leave before going to the funeral. You were also late to your classes a few times and you got detention for your misbehavior but other than that, your attendance is very good and overall, you are a very punctual student.

With this letter, you will find Signed Affidavit from student body council confirming your attendance in classes and allowing you to take additional classes in Yale University this winter. Please present this Affidavit when you are asked to.


Tyler Aniston,
Administration office


Confirmation Letter for Employee

When you apply for a job in an organization, before starting your work as a Permanent Employee, you need to go through a specific process. This includes several stages and the final Letter of Confirmation from the administration or management of the organization States that you are hired as an employee. This letter is known as the Confirmation Letter for Employee or an Appointment Letter in general. Usually this letter includes the date from which your employment begins in the company along with your salary package, incentives, the person whom you will answer to, job description and job responsibilities.

Brief Description of Confirmation Letter for Employee:

Every organization around the world has its own process of hiring new staff members. It depends on particular situations if the company wants to hire employees on Temporary Basis, Permanent Basis or on Contract i.e. for a short period of time. These rules are defined by the HR department in the company. The Confirmation of Employment is the full and final stage of this process at which the employee is given a written and signed confirmation that he or she is employed at the company on the position that is described in the letter. After receiving the Letter of Confirmation, the employee can state that he or she has started working in the company.

The Content of the Confirmation Letter depends on each particular situation. For example, if the employee applied for a job and as he has experience, the company may indicate towards the fact that he is hired as a permanent employee where on the other hand, if the company has a policy to hire new employees on probation or temporary basis, the letter may indicate towards this fact that the company has hired him but he is still on probation and depending on his performance, a Permanent Employment Letter will be issued by the HR department later. Besides the obvious elements i.e. salary, duties and joining date, Confirmation Letters also include the Terms and Conditions or Policies on which the Employer agreed to hire new staff members.

Sample Confirmation Letter for Employee


David Ellen,
Manager HR,
Power solutions PVT LTD,
San Francisco.


John McCarthy,
Apartment 534, 20th floor,
Plaza One, New York.


Date: 12 August 2015


Subject: Appointment Letter


Dear John,

I am very happy to inform you that we have gone through your job application and we find you very suitable for our organization. Please consider this Letter as the Official Appointment Letter for the job of manager operations at Power solutions PVT LTD.

I wish you a very delightful adventure and a very pleasant journey at this company. You can start working from next Monday but we would really appreciate it if you can start by tomorrow as there is a very Important Meeting Scheduled with one of our most important clients and I would like you to attend it as a key member of our team.

Please find the attached documents regarding your salary package, benefits, incentives, healthcare plan and a brief description of your job responsibilities as MO at this company. Also, go through the terms and condition section of this letter and if you agree, please send back the agreement with your signature. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


David Ellen,
Manager HR